Now it’s merely very hot rather than scorching, here are some piccies of the garden

Jun 18, 2017 | 3 comments


By heck it was hot today. Mike wanted to go for a walk, as he did yesterday. There was NO WAY I was walking in a squillion degrees! It was too hot to do very much until this evening, when the temperature dropped from 31 to a mere 26. I took a few pictures around the back garden as someône had asked to see the garden as a whole.

This is looking directly out the back of the kitchen. View complete with hosepipe from when I was watering. The bed directly in front is the one with all the new plants in

Out the back door

This is the view to the right showing the summerhouse, the white building is the woodshed and above that is the compost heap. In the foreground is the pond under construction. Mike hasn’t done any this past week as he has been laying slabs for the path running behind the pond and up to the heap.

View to the right of the kitchen

And this is to the left, showing a corner of the greenhouse and the two veggie beds. You can just see the pots with the white nemesia in them, stood on the low wall. They fill the garden with the delicious scent of vanilla. I’m so glad I got them, they are so floriferous and fragrant.

View to the left
This is the path behind the pond, looking back to the house
Path behind the pond

You can just about see how the wood shed is filling up. Quite a bit more to be sawn up and added to the pile, plus Mike keeps bringing home more pallets and scrap timber. I’m hoping all the various bits of wood around the place will be tidied up into here.

Wood shed

Further on down that side is this bed with a gooseberry and a black currant which I picked the last of the fruit of today. I put it just a bit too far from the path for comfortable fruit picking, so I’ll probably move it forward a bit in the winter. In the front are some new pink geraniums, having a bit of  a rest  right now, more flowers should come soon. Behind that is a daphne. It lived in a pot for many years and I planted it in here about a month ago. It seems much happier and is putting on new leaves.

Side of the house


Walk down that path down the side of the house and this is another view of that same bed

Side of the house

Down the greenhouse side of the house is that small bed that is developing so nicely

Left hand side


Left hand side

And this is inside the greenhouse showing the tomatoes, with chillies on the left. There is just room for two grow bags down the side, and one along the back with three tomatoes in each bag.




  1. Lesley

    Maxine – a new house built, wow, how exciting!

    Welcome to the blog, and I hope you find some things of use.

    Re taking cuttings, now is the perfect time of year to take some. Find a shoot that doesn’t have any flower buds on, probably not a woody one, depending on what it is you are taking cuttings of, and cut with a sharp knife or secateurs about 6″ long. Trim to just below a leaf joint, about 4″, removing any bottom leaves. Push into a small pot with sharp compost and keep moist and not too hot. Several cuttings can be put in a medium sized pot. Keep them out of full sun and wait for a couple of weeks when they should have started growing new roots. I don’t usually bother with rooting compound, although many people do

  2. Maxine

    What a beautiful garden! I love it that it is a bit tatty around the edges. Real people live there! I will be starting from scratch next year…we are having a new house built, all on one level for this 71-year-old body (I’ll be 72 by the time it is finished). I won’t be starting QUITE from scratch as I have been dividing plants at my current home, and a few of my friends will also come through for me. This is my first time to visit your blog, but I’ll be back!

    PS If you are any good at starting plants from cuttings, tell me how, please and thank-you!

  3. Diane Clement

    Thanks Lesley for the photos of your beautiful garden. It is much larger than I had envisioned and I can see that every inch is in use. Of course that means you two have done a lot of work to create and maintain this garden. It is fun though, isn’t it? If I can’t be traveling to your part of the world, at least I can be out in my own garden, planting and constructing. I’m just finishing a 60-foot dry creek bed with Mediterranean drought resistant plants and some California natives like poppies and various ceanothus surrounding it. Picked up the last six bags of river pebbles today. All this fun digging, lifting, etc., has revived my 72-year old body. I’m physically stronger now. Thanks again for sharing. Now I will have these pics in my head when I read your posts.

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