A walk in the sun, a lunch in the pub and big ears

Dec 11, 2016 | 2 comments


What a beautiful day we had in East Sussex today! Warm, sunny and bright, all day. Can’t quite believe it’s less than two weeks to Christmas, feels more like spring! We went for a walk from one end of Eastbourne to the other. My ever present Fitbit on my left wrist recorded 17,655 steps. I also used the app Walkmeter, which recorded the distance of 6.49 miles and 1009 calories. Excellent!

Chrimbo Jumper

Got the Chrimbo jumper on for the first time this year.

A Christmas fair

There is a Christmas fair currently on, on the front. They have had the brilliant idea of housing all the stalls in sheds, so in inclement weather, the stalls can still open without ruining all their stock.

There was a chap shouting his wares and selling hot roasted chestnuts, how traditional is that! I walked by the chap selling delicious smelling hot chocolate, just as he shouted, at the top of his voice, ‘HOT CHOCOLATE, GET YER HOT CHOCOLATE ‘ERE’!

There were fresh Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, holly and poinsettia. Mike said, would you like a poinsettia? Yes please, I said. So he bought me one. Aah!

We had a look at some hand made chocolates and Mike bought himself half a dozen and ate them walking along; there was seasonal music playing and people singing along; lots of christmassy jumpers; mulled wine; a harpist; a real wood fired pizza oven and all sorts of other interesting things. It gave a real spring in our step for the rest of the walk up to The Meads.

Lunch time in the pub

We had lunch in The Pilot Inn. I had lamb shank with loads of lovely fresh veg – buttery mashed swede and carrot, roast parsnip, sprouts and roasties and a big fluffy, crispy Yorkshire. There was much too much meat for me and I gave Mike half of it. Once we’d got home, I made an apple crumble, and we had that for tea with some creme fraiche. I also made some pumpkin soup. It’s a fasting day tomorrow, so I’ll miss breakfast, have some soup for lunch and fish cakes for tea. 600 calories in all.

Mysterious conversations

I love to people watch, and walking along the front, I catch intriguing snippets of conversation from those going past in the opposite directions.

Today, I heard ‘so I signed up for 3 months’ of what? Pilates, Amazon, Netflix?

There were two middle aged ladies, and one said, in a concerned voice, to the other ‘well, of course, if he did that‘. What, what, what did he do? Would it be too awful to turn around and follow them for a bit to find out?

Then there was the little boy of about 10. A woman who could have been his granny was saying to him ‘so are you going to carry on afterwards’. Carry on with what, after what?

Ooh, just how intriguing



  1. Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds

    Love your Christmas jumper 🙂 I love eavesdropping on conversations too lol, I always find it so interesting when you hear little snippets!

  2. pat

    love your snippets of conversation, I do the same, and remember overhearing one young woman saying to another “he said he was going to go out for the evening, but I didnt wash his shirt, so he couldnt” ah, what a story must be behind that!
    And another time, in the leisure centre cafe, two young men in tennis whites having a serious conversation. Overheard ” well I always use Persil myself”

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