Cheap lentils, slightly cheaper chorizo, and practically free silky hands

Sep 18, 2013 | 0 comments


A couple of small things today.

First of all, we were working in Northfleet again today. There is a big Morrisons there and I popped in as I know they have big bags of lentils. So I got a huge 5kg bag of red lentils at 10p per 100g, which is half the cost I usually get them for. If you can afford the capital outlay, and you use them as much as me 🙂 they are worth getting.

On my very long list of recipes to write about, I have several dahls, so perhaps I shall have to do them now.

While I was there, I happened to notice that they have the chorizo stick thingies that we spoke about before, at £1, a saving of 29p from the Sainsbugs version. Every little helps, oh, no, wrong supermarket.

Secondly, because of the physical work we are doing, I have, or had, very rough hands. When I need to take extreme measures like today, I use an old remedy.

Take a few drops of oil and put them in the palm of your hand. For the effectiveness of this remedy, it doesn’t matter at all what oil it is. But if you have sweet almond oil, or any other oil you like the smell of, use that. I just use my cooking oil. Now add a little sprinkle of table salt, def not the posh stuff, much too coarse! I know som people use sugar, but I find that too harsh and it feels like it is grating my skin.

Now just rub your hands round and round for a few minutes as if you were giving them a thorough wash. Rinse them off under the tap with a little soap to get rid of the oil. If you want to, smooth in a little moisturiser. Ta dah, wonderfully silky smooth hands.

I have done it on my legs as well sometimes when they get particularly scaly, in the winter usually. Haven’t tried it on my face, might be a bit harsh there.

Do you have any favourite things like this?



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