A bit of a walk and a day out in Alfriston

May 9, 2017 | 6 comments


A bit of a walk and a day out in Alfriston


Day out today. We pootled off down to Alfriston. I wanted to have a leisurely look around after visiting the village briefly on a WI garden group visit to Alfriston Clergy House recently.

Cheekily, we parked in the massive car park of the Deans Place Hotel. Parking is a bit of an issue in such an old place, with narrow streets. We did find a car park that you could park in for free for 3 hours, which is fine for a poke around and a spot of lunch, but not enough for a walk as well.

Dean place hotel
We wanted to get a bit of a walk in, so explored a public footpath almost opposite the car park. It led gently uphill, past an absolutely huge camping site that had quite a few tents and camper vans there already. We passed a field that was completely full of these litle yellow flowers. It was quite a sight.  Anyone know what they are?
Flowers This sign was on one of the waymarkers, I’ve tried googling it, but haven’t found it yet. It could well designate the South Downs Way.Walking sign

At the top of the hill, we popped out to this magnificent view over to the sea and the Cuckmere valley. We’re going to map out a circular walk there, it looks wonderful.Rolling hills

Today however, we went back down the hill and off to the pub for lunch.

Alfriston is a very old place, quaint and interesting. It’s stuffed full of eateries, little cafes, pubs and places selling interesting things. The 14th century pub The George Inn is one of the first establishments in England to be granted a licence. I wanted to have lunch there, but Mike didn’t fancy the menu, so we went over the road to the Star Inn. We both had beef short ribs, with truffle mash, greens and gravy. It was stunningly good! I thought we were in a tiny, old, pub. But when I went to the loo, it was like the Tardis, it was huge!

While we were having lunch, a large group of people with Newcastle or Sunderland accents came in for a drink. They were delightfully boisterous and enjoying their day.


The star



After lunch we poked around the village. Admired some beautiful houses.

Beautiful houses


And some lovely old walls with lovely clematis in full bloom.Clematis


One of the many cafes is Badgers.Cafe

On looking at the menu, as you do, I noticed a cake called Molly Cake. From the description, this can’t be anything but the 3 ingredient cake we explored recently! So our SHTF cake is served in a posh tourist place at £3.50 a pop! Doesn’t that gooseberry and elderflower one sound gorgeous! Menu


One of the little shops was selling glass plates with oyster shells and quail eggs embedded in them. They were eerily beautiful, although I don’t know if I actually liked them or not.
Glass plates

.Quail eggs


We popped into a fantastastic deli and bought a couple of slices of chocolate peanut cake, which we had this afternoon with our coffee. It was utterly delectable! We were both eyeing up the artisan made chocolate bars which looked lovely,  but at nearly £5 a bar, was a bit rich for us.

Peanut cake

We still want to try the hotel for lunch, and I still want to go to The George, plus there were lots of little streets to explore still.

If you’re in the area, do pop in to Alfriston, I’m sure you would enjoy it. We’ll definitely be going again!



  1. Lesley

    Pat, they weren’t really like antirrhinum, so don’t think they could be toadflax

  2. Lesley

    Lyn, a special place for you then. It has a great atmosphere there, very special

  3. Elaine

    The sign looks like Rathfinny Wine Estate which is nearby I think, so possibly used as a land marker for the edge of the estate? The plant possibly wild reseda but I am not at all sure on that. Alfriston is on my list of places I want to visit and your blog has confirmed why.

  4. Lyn

    So glad you enjoyed Alfriston – my grandparents lived there so my school holidays were spent in and around the area – they are both buried in the churchyard. Whenever I get the chance I go back it holds very special memories for me.

  5. pat falconer

    think the yellow flower is toadflax, but cant be sure without a close-up. If it is, the individual flowers will look like miniature antirrhinum flowers

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