Boot Fairs, New Fabric and Big Sums

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Boot Fairs, New Fabric and Big Sums


We went to the boot fair at Polegate this morning. First time I’ve been for ages. I was on a mission to score some more purple themed fabric for the quilt I am making, I had decided I needed some more variety. Within a few minutes, I had found 5 fat quarters and a 5 metre length of fabric,  for £2 the lot.image

imageThen for another £2, this lovely heart print dress that has loads of fabric, especially in the full skirt.


Later on, I found this quilt. I’m not sure about this one, but it was 20p, so if I decide against, it is easily passed on to the charity shop with nothing lost.


The fat quarters and length are currently drying after a quick whizz in the washing machine. The length of fabric looks like the picture at the top, much darker purple than the close up shot. They were both new fabric, so I wanted to get rid of any shrinkage that might happen before I sewed anything up. As there is so much of the 5 metre length, I shall probably make myself a top or something from it too.

We did so much walking up and dwon the rows, that by the time we left, I had done half of my daily 10,000 steps target. Inspired, we walked about a bit more in the countryside to do the rest. Yay us!

We also scored 3 big fat red peppers for £1, and 3 lovely large avocados for £1. I shall do the avocado, orange and tomato salad tomorrow.  Then with the peppers, later on this week, I shall make some peperonata and have that with olive stuffed fat pancakes

imageThere was heaps of stuff there, with hundreds of people. Being the business minded person that I am, I couldn’t help doing some rough calculations. There must have been at least 1,000 cars parked up of visitors come to buy, at 50p a person entry, that’s at least £1,000. And their website says there are up to 400 pitches, it felt like more than that! But say 400, at £10 each, another £4,000, x 7 months (it says April to October on their website) is £140,000. Plus the catering van fees, the pony rides etc etc. A good steady income for a farmer with land. That’s the side of the equation I would rather be on!



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