Pea soup, Approved Food order and Christmas food bank contributions

Nov 18, 2014 | 2 comments


Had a simple pea soup for lunch today. I used butter in place of the veg oil for a little extra flavour.


It was served with a small Sharwoods nan bread from Approved Food, one of several packets that I have in the freezer.

I have been serving these as accompaniments lately as I am trying to eat down our stores. One successful experiment with them was to smear a little sun dried tomato pesto on them, that was delish.

DP had 2 from a packet of 4, I had 1, so I shall use the last one for lunch tomorrow with carrot, soft cheese and lemon. Using the nan in place of the pitta. I have the rest of the lemon to use up from the one I started a couple of days ago. That will finish the zest, so then I shall need to use the juice in something. Good housekeeping seems to be one long procession of using things up sometimes!

I say I am trying to eat down our stores, but I have just placed an Approved Food order! They tempted me with 25p tins of my favourite black olives. I love them in a granary bread sandwich made with value soft cheese and thick slices of cucumber.

When I went in to my account, I had £15 credited from readers who had clicked the link on the sidebar and placed an order, so Thankyou very much, much appreciated.

We received our annual heating allowance from the Government today. We don’t really need it, so I shall be getting some big bags of shopping for the foodbank. At our Christmas party next month at my WI, our foodbank collections has a Christmas theme. So I shall get some nice things for that, looking for best value for money spent as always of course

I shall have a look around and get some Christmas themed things, some puddings and mince pies. The food bank say that items such as nice soap are particularly appreciated, so that will go in, some toothbrushes, and something for the kids. It’s a shame I can’t give them Approved Food stuff, they won’t take out of date stuff. If they did, they would get more stuff to distribute.



  1. Lesley

    Yes, me too! It’s amazing just how cheaply you can get some things, especially when they are on clearance 🙂

  2. Isobel Millard

    I tell everyone about Approved site ever!
    Pea soup looked good..I do a big batch of pumpkin & tomato soup(6 pints at a time) & freeze it in containers.

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