Back in Kendall for the day

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Back in Kendall for the day

First of all, we went to a power station yesterday. It was amazing, there was almost nothing to see from the outside. They had, literally, hollowed out the mountain, Ben Cruachan, and put all the machinery inside and built a dam in a basin on the top of the mountain. They operate as a top up station and can generate an incredible 4MW, which is enough to power an entire large city, in a truly amazing 28 seconds. They try and use the wind powered turbines to pump the water back up again to make it a very green operation. It was a very informative and interesting visit, and our guide, Ian, a Glaswegian, was not only a font of knowledge, but has a wicked sense of humour to boot.

Then yesterday afternoon, we said goodbye to Portsonachan and drove back down to Kendall, on our way home.

We went to see the Museum of Lakeland Life today. It has lots of interesting exhibits on how people used to live here. I particularly liked the household parts with a kitchen display and a parlour. There was also a good exhibit of mountain climbing with a great film of climbers on the summit – the link being Kendall Mint Cake which most climbers carry on exhibitions.

The museum shop had some really beautiful scarves, made from the softest of wool. I managed to resist those, I already have plenty of scarves. But they were lovely!

We walked along the river for ages, watching the numerous swans and admiring the clean water and stones and rocks.

Then in the evening, we went to Déjà Vu again as we had enjoyed it so much the first time. I had pistachio and cheese samosas, and beef tail fillets in a mushroom and cream sauce, with chips and the most delicious dish of vegetables, all in separate little sauces. It was all delectable. I meant to take a picture of both starter and main as they are so daintily presented, but just dived in instead 😉 I have never heard of beef tail fillets before and had no idea what to expect. It looked like a piece of pork fillet, very lean, and very delicious.

Oh my goodness! I have just Googled beef tail fillet, and it is filet mignon!! No wonder it was delicious!

The kitchen has an open door on the road that we go past back to the hotel, and when I peeked in, there was a brigade in there who all looked about 12! But my goodness, they can cook.

We’ll be completing the journey back down to East Sussex tomorrow, a leg of about 300 miles.



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