Taking Stock a la Jen Gale

Jun 1, 2014 | 5 comments


Jen Gale over on MakeDoAndMend posted this intriguing list today on taking stock. So I thought I would join in and add my two pennorth.

This is what I am currently doing, using Jens Taking Stock list

Making : wedding invitations for DD2, a Year Book for a special WI anniversary, tax returns (yuk), quilts
Cooking : a bacon sandwich for tea after a lovely day out at the coast with DD1 and DGD
Drinking : huge mug of de-caff tea
Reading: this months book club book ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’
Wanting: to be fitter, more space to garden in, to be nearer more stuff going on
Looking: out of the window as the sun goes down, admiring the sunset and the shapes of clouds in the sky
Playing: silly games on the iPad
Deciding: what I will be doing tomorrow. Supposed to be going walking with a good friend, but it might be raining. I’ll visit anyway of course, and we might have to just chat, what a hardship
Wishing: it doesn’t rain tomorrow, the rhubarb would stand up, we had finished the extension work so I could get the garden nice again
Enjoying: catching up with bloggers I read, the aches after a vigorous Fitstep workout yesterday, tears of laughter on the beach today, taking the empty robins nest to DGD
Waiting: for a lintel to be delivered so we can take the back wall of the kitchen down, my new sewing pattern to arrive, to go to Axminster for a day making bread at River Cottage
Liking: the way the garden grows at this time of year, whatever the latest successful culinary experiment is, lunch with friends
Wondering: how to successfully lose weight, and keep it off
Loving: my lovely DD’s, spending time with my assorted family and lovely friends, finding new recipes to make, reading lots of books
Pondering: what to do with the new space we are creating in the kitchen extension
Considering: changing the honeysuckle out the front to a Generous Gardener rose. The honeysuckle doesn’t have any fragrance, and I love to have lots fragrance in the garden
Watching: the birds outside the window frantic at the bird table, trying to work out what type one of them is, the Jude the Obscure rose buds fattening up, ready to burst open and drench the garden in their delicious scent
Hoping: we have a sunny summer, first day of which is today – yay
Marvelling: at how much work is involved in building an extension, and how long it takes with mainly one person doing it all
Needing: to lose a lot of weight, would help my increasingly dodgy left knee too
Smelling: an anonymous shrub at Eastbourne today, delicious scent, the perfume in the bathroom cabinet of various types, all of which I was given, and love, deciding to wear one of them every day, not just now and then
Wearing: cotton HM summer trousers, a charity shop summer top that goes well with them, plus a fleece once the sun went
Following: diet plans is very difficult for me
Noticing: how I always cheat, and wished I didn’t
Knowing: I won’t succeed if I keep doing that
Thinking: about joining a new gym due to open in July that is right at the top of my street
Feeling: tired of constant tidying up
Admiring: friends houses which always look clean and tidy. They are like that all the time of course! They haven’t tidied up because I was visiting at all 😉
Sorting: at least one thing a day to give away. Big bag of lidded jam jars yesterday to a trainee nurse wanting to make jam for extra funds
Buying: a sewing pattern to make cardigans with, been looking for a good one for quite a while now
Getting: tired of building site disruption to everywhere
Bookmarking: lots of foodie blogs, don’t know when I will have time to keep up with them all
Disliking: sweariness in films and on tv, and everyone seems to smoke all the time as well
Opening: a new book that looks like it will be absorbing, just started the new book club book yesterday and am halfway through it already
Giggling: at silliness with DD1 on the beach today
Feeling: happy, with undercurrents of sadness
Snacking: naughty! NOT snacking!
Coveting: the shape I want to be
Wishing: I could be consistent enough to get it
Helping: I hope I won’t have to help DP lift that lintel into place, too heavy for me!
Hearing: DD1 in helpless laughter during silliness on the beach today, DP getting ready for bed, so time to sign off

If I did this another day, it would have very different things on it. Would love to know what your list would be.



  1. Tracey and Lesley

    Could do, may take me a little while to do it though! lol xx

  2. Lesley

    It would be interesting to see your full list, like I have done mine. Fancy sending one via email?

  3. Lesley

    It was an interesting experience doing it, quite revealing,which I think is the point!

  4. Sue

    Brilliant list and very ‘you’.
    Love It!!

  5. Tracey and Lesley

    What a brilliant list mum! I think mine would include:
    Spending a lovely day on the beach with Nanny and Grandad, dear daughter crying at everything and anything. Lovely Grandad buying her some biscuits and mummy a coffee, much needed. Nanny buying some doughnuts and giving some to Grand-daughter. Nanny thinking of a brilliant game to try and chear up grand daughter, throwing pebbles at a pretend fun fair game, lol. Helping out daughter with the garden trees, helping and advising daughter on diet, and requesting her help on her own diet. Grandad and Nanny having fun with granddaughter. Having fun in the sun and being impressed with granddaughter’s poorly finger. Oh the list could go on!!

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