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Jan 12, 2014 | 6 comments


heart 3All week I have been hugging some lovely news to myself. My younger daughter’s birthday is today, and yesterday it was the 1st year anniversary of a relationship with a lovely man.

He plotted and schemed to throw a surprise birthday party for her. He took her out to dinner for their anniversary, and while they were out, friends and family assembled at their flat, chatted and laughed and cooked some party food.

At 8o’clock, DSiL feigned a stomache ache and said that he needed to get back and as they came in to the sitting room we all shouted ‘Surprise’. She was!

But the true reason for the plotting was yet to be revealed to DD. After a little partying, he gathered everybody in to the sitting room again and went down on one knee and proposed. I knew it was coming and teared up instantly, and I am now as well, telling you about it. I am so happy for her, they are so right together.

She had NO idea, it was really lovely. They have an in joke about Haribo rings, and he gave her one of those, so they can go shopping together to get something nice.

We don’t have a date yet, but the next year will no doubt involve lots of planning!

Proud Mum xxx



  1. Lesley

    I would love a surprise on a wet Wednesday in October, that would be lovely, but Mike is a human doing rather than a human being and shows his affection by doing stuff, so I’m not going to hold ny breath!
    She wasn’t expecting it AT ALL, it was a complete surprise, but we had talked lots of times about it being something she felt was the right time to do, so there was zero chance of her turning him down 🙂
    She loved it and is currently living on Cloud Nine

  2. Sue

    Oh what glorious news.

    Congratulations to the happy couple, and what a very special guy he must be to go to all that trouble. I wish them many, many years of happiness together.

    You must be bursting with love and pride, and quite rightly so.

    Happy news indeed.

  3. Jo

    How lovely : )

  4. Phryne

    That’s lovely – must have been quite a surprise/shock for her! Nice surprise/shock though 🙂

    BTW we don’t ‘do’ V day. Always think its msuch
    ch more romantic.,,with an unexpected.surprise on a wet Wednesday in October then the middle of february just cos hallmark say we should!


  5. sarah

    That is really good news. Congratulations to your daughter and lovely man.

  6. Angela Almond

    Congratulations – may God bless the happy couple with much joy xx

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