More wedding preparations, Greek Cuisine and 4 large pitta for 6p

May 9, 2015 | 5 comments


Well I’ve now got lovely gel nails, and these lashes, bat, bat. I love them. Horribly expensive and very glamorous

Picked up the corsage for my hat from the florist

Hat and corsage


Then today, DP and I went to Claverham College for a cooking course, Greek Cuisine. It went on all day and by the time we got home I had to have a nap!

I love going on these courses, but my goodness it works out expensive. I had to buy two lots of the ingredients and it worked out to £70!!!!

We did indeed do Moussaka, and it was miles better than the one I did earlier in the week. The difference seemed to come down to a spoonful of flour in the meat sauce and salting the aubergine, then frying them until most of the moisture was drawn out. We also added a layer of potato. The finished dish was lovely, and I had that missing corner for my lunch while at the course.


Then we made some dolmades and avgolemeno sauce.


And baklava. Considering how much sugar syrup there is poured over, surprisingly mild on the sugar front, and very moreish. DP has just said, I’ve eaten loads of that baklava and I don’t feel sick yet. Wonder if that means he intends to have a bit more?


And we made some pitta bread, which I’ve never done before.

home made pitta bread

I think you will be able to see from the picture that they are puffy and soft. They were easy to do, and as they are so basic ingredients, very cheap.

The recipe for the home made pitta bread is here






  1. Lesley

    When I asked, they said to treat them like my own lashes. I haven’t worn any other makeup with them until today (other than the long lasting lippy). So I’ll see tonight when I take off my eye shadow what it’s like for the lashes.

    I am enjoying very much fluttering everywhere 🙂

  2. Colette

    Your eyelashes look lovely! I had them done for my son’s wedding in February and loved them.
    Were you advised to keep cosmetics/cleansers/oils off them as such products can weaken the glue they’re attached to your natural lashes with?
    Have a great time at the wedding, and ‘flutter’ as often as you get the chance!

  3. Lesley

    The tutor on the course emphasised that they needed to go in a HOT oven, and to only cook them for a 6-8 minutes until they are barely coloured. He said that is because they are usually served warm, so will get a bit of a toasting

    When we tried them, straight out of the oven, they were lovely. They didn’t taste like they needed a bit more cooking, and that may be why they were soft. Good luck!

  4. Joy

    That recipe looks great – thanks very much for sharing. As you say, it should make well with the magic starter.
    Definitely on the list of Things to Make!
    Love the corsage – it’s very pretty and suits you a treat.
    J x

  5. Faith A.

    Your Greek food looks delicious and thanks for the pitta recipe. I tried making pitta bread once before and they came out like biscuits, which wasn’t exactly what I was intending… Will have another go.

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