Antibiotics, websites and another LBLUK list

Mar 31, 2015 | 4 comments


Aren’t antibiotics wonderful! I have had 5 tablets so far and I’m feeling so much better. I’m hoping for a decent nights sleep tonight. In bed, not sitting up in a chair. In fact , I think I shall go and lay down in bed and read some of my latest book and see if I can stay there without coughing after I post this. I’m pretty tired after so many nights with not much sleep.

Felt wretched this morning, coughed for hours and couldn’t do anything except sit on the sofa and try to read. Then, suddenly, this afternoon, I seemed to be soaking up strength and vitality. Modern medicine is truly marvellous. Antibiotics are wondrous and need to be treasured and looked after so they can continue to work their magic for as long as possible, before they become ineffective.

I had a bit of a play with the Heathfield U3A website this afternoon. setting up various things. They have set it up so that’s it’s very easy to use, as it needs to be for such a variable user group. The Heathfield group is doing very well, with several more interest groups starting up, including a shout out for anyone wanting to take part in a ukulele group! That sounds fun!

Meanwhile, here’s yet another LBLUK possible list. Those spuds must be a Super 6 special, I quite fancy this one. Jkt spuds, rosti, mash, oven chips, soup, fish cakes, chicken and chips – yum

2.5kg potatoes £0.49
1kg carrots £0.49
1kg onions £0.59
2 tins tomatoes £0.62
250g baking spread £0.39
510g chicken leg qtrs £1.09
tin kidney beans £0.23
213g salmon £1.09

Right, I’m off to my bed …..wish me luck



  1. Caterina

    Thank you Lesley, at the moment I consider myself lucky that for the whole week all I have had is a stlii persisting sore throat and a bit of a cough, nowhere near as bad as DH’s and no big night sweats like he had – I had to change the bedding and his night clothes in the middle of the night a few times.

    I am just weak and sometimes go a bit hot and cold but no more severe than that. I have been gargling with a herbal preparation containing marigold so I wonder if the herbs have protected me a bit *cross fingers*

    Anyway, I keep reading your plans with interest especially as I am planning to restart my Aldi shopping soon. This month I had to give up the vouchers to another OSer as I would not be in a fit state to go shopping.

    Have a lovely, happy Easter!

  2. Lesley

    oh goodness, just at the beg, I don’t envy you that. You know what to expect after nursing DH. No energy, at all and a hacking cough were my main symptoms

    this is no time to take part in a challenge, time to look after yourself and concentrate on getting better. Having gone on the anti-biotics for bronchitis, it might be worth asking your gp earlier than I did. They are no good for the virus part, obviously, but once the bronchitis kicks in, if it does, the sooner you can get them, the better

  3. Katherine

    I hope you are continuing to feel better, Lesley.

    That’s incredibly cheap for potatoes, isn’t it? It’s cheaper by weight than the sacks I saw at the weekend. If you weren’t ill, I’d say do it now before they (and the leeks) come off offer. This plan seems to have a lot less carbohydrate than the othe two. How does it compare in terms of calories?

  4. Caterina

    So glad to read you have recovered, finally! I am at the beginning, having nursed DH for 2 weeks of it I know that I might be in for a rough ride.

    I love your 5 day menu lists, great ideas, but at this moment in time I am worn out by life, the universe, blah blah…so I am not participating in any challenge for the time being.

    All the best, and a very happy Easter!

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