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Feb 21, 2015 | 0 comments


Got a horrible shock this morning. Got out of bed, looked out of the window, and it was snowing. Really hard! Yuk! It snowed for several hours, piling up on the cars, path and road, then the sun came out and it melted away, then we had hail, followed by rain. We seem to have had everything today!

woods covered in snow

I cleaned and dusted my desk this afternoon, which seems to attract large amounts of general crud, so it is looking all sparkling now. Got rid of some defunct stuff. I have to keep tons of paperwork for the business almost indefinitely, so there are boxes and boxes of it stored in the loft. I am always writing lists of stuff I need to do, crossing stuff off, scribbling memos to myself etc etc, and then they clutter up everywhere. Then there are all the things that arrive in the post that need to be actioned. I am much better off using the one large (A4) Pukka pad. I have many things written on many pages to keep track of all the things I have to do (memory like a sieve these days) and I jot down the smallest things sometimes before they leave my memory for ever. And just where does all that dust come from?

While I was doing that, DP was fitting the door over the washing machine in the kitchen, so that is looking all sleek and beautiful. We are still struggling to find the leak in the ceiling. The melted snow seeped in after a while. It’s driving me nuts! I want to get on and paint the walls and ceiling, I’m fed up with looking at plaster now.

Me and three friends are off to Claverham college on Monday evening for the first of a five week course on Food From Around The World. I do hope I like this tutor as he does loads of different courses, several of which look interesting. Feels a bit like Domestic Science as we have a list of ingredients to take, think of me swinging off with my little wicker basket 🙂




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