A free day out – the Eastbourne Airbourne

Aug 12, 2016 | 5 comments


Had a smashing day out today. Mike and I went down to Eastbourne for the Airbourne display. It is spelled that way, I checked on the programme. We parked up near the swimming pool and walked in to the centre of the front – another good day for steps, 11,291 so far.

The event is completely free to anyone who wants to watch, which is a fantastic feat by Eastbourne. In order to help keep this going, we purchased a programme for £4, which was actually quite useful.

We sat for a couple of hours on the decked restaurant. Personally, I would like to take a picnic to things now and then, but Mike much prefers to buy something. So over that period we had a coffee, then some water, then a pizza, then another water.  Oh, and a really nice ice cream. There were 22 flavours to choose from! I had gingerbread and it was delicious. I had a very drippy cone, it was so hot it was melting faster than I could eat it.


At 1pm sharp we started with the magnificent Red Arrows. They flew in low and fast, tightly formationed with just six feet between them.  I found myself getting quite emotional, cheering on ‘our boys’

Red arrows

The Red Arrows on Exercise Eastern Arrow 2007. Red Arrows in Transit flight Muscat to Abu Dhabi 13-Dec-07

A bit later on, after several more displays, there was the Typhoon FGR4. WOW!!!! What a FANTASTIC noise. Ear splittingly, gloriously, shriekingly magnificent. You may gather I rather liked it!


This beautiful bit of kit can do 1,480mph, unimaginably fast. The pilot threw it round the skies with abandon, turning it on a sixpence and flipping here, there and everywhere.


The rather wonderful Spitfires at the end of the days display seemed rather tame in comparison.

This annual display is on for a further two days over the weekend. If you’re anywhere near, it’s well worth a visit, and the weather is forecast to be good. And if you don’t want to, you needn’t spend a penny. Even the loos were free today



  1. Lyn Trennery

    so glad you enjoyed the display – unfortunately I cannot be there this year but my daughter has gone with friends – she has emailed me photos of the Red Arrows I also get very emotional – they are just so amazing. I am glad the weather is good – we have gone a few years back when it has rained and they had to abandon it. I hope to go back next year.

  2. Lesley

    The Red Arrows perform all over the place and on 10th August were flying in Cornwall for Falmouth week, so it was probably that that your daughter in law saw.
    There was indeed a woman piloting something, but I can’t remember what now. They’re brilliant to watch!

  3. Gardengoddess42

    Nice day out!
    A few days ago, my daughter-in-law in Cornwall said she had also seen the Red Arrows fly over. Maybe after finishing at Eastbourne? Or would that be too far away?
    Was that the Spitfire that is flown by a woman? – If so, I think it is called ‘something’ Grace, after the pilot’s name.

  4. Lesley

    Take the ear plugs for Lesley – that Typhoon is LOUD XXX

  5. Tracey & Lesley

    me and Lesley are going tomorrow! Can’t wait. Will get there about 10.30am after the hospital and be there all day! In our usual spot, in front of the lifeboat museum is the best place on the beach. Sooooooo excited now, must organise my holiday better next year whoops!!!

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