Glorious roses

Jun 17, 2014 | 2 comments


Glorious roses

image This is one of the roses in the garden, called Jude the Obscure. It has the most glorious scent, deep and musky.
And this one is the other one I have. It is called The Generous Gardener. I have it as a climber and it is very vigorous. Both roses are in their full glory now and the smell in the garden is amazing. The bees love them and I can hear them buzzing away in there, and on the broad beans as well of course. Industrious little things. There are mason bees in the green house too. I have used some old Ikea shelving for the staging and there are lots of little holes for shelf adjustment. The bees busily fill them up each year, they make perfect little nest holes.

We had a day out yesterday, visiting a fantastic garden with a glorious house too. I’ll tell you all about it later on this week. I took some pictures on my phone, so I need to get them over onto the computer. Hope the quality is good enough.



  1. Lesley

    Shame about your roses. I bet you have lots of stuff that likes chalk tho, that gardeners not on chalk can’t have

  2. Ann Johnson

    I am so envious of your roses. I am on pure chalk and my roses get horrendous black spot and drop their leaves, so they look so sad.

    Love your blog.

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