Sorting through the bling

Mar 8, 2015 | 0 comments


I sorted through my costume jewellery yesterday to see if I could sieve some out, there seemed to be too many.

These three are my favourite necklaces. I wear them again and again and again. The blue glass one I got at a craft fair. The seller spends her winters in Venice making glass beads, and her summers selling them at English craft fairs. Not a bad life! This particular necklace seems to go with absolutely everything I wear.

The other two are seed pearls and I got these at the Heffle fair. Heffle is the old word for Heathfield and Dame Heffle releases spring into the countryside. The necklaces were very cheap, a great bargain, and again, go with so many things.

These are some of my favourite earrings. Most of them are glass, not a deliberate decision, it just happened that way.

Favourite earrings



A close up of some great glass earrings. I wear them when I want to be flamboyant, they are huge.

Large earrings
Some amber ones, some blackberry ones

Glass earrings



The ones in the middle look antique, heavy and substantial. They are actually very light and made of thread. A charity shop find.

Thread earrings



These earrings are both clip fittings. I don’t wear them as they make my ear lobes sore after a short time. So these, and the necklace will be going
Bling earrings


Close up,bling


Closeup necklace


This one has too much black in it, which doesn’t suit me, so it will be going.

Close up black necklace


These ones also have tones in that aren’t the best for me, so off they go

Enamel earrings


All the earrings in this picture are clip ones and are going, as are the other bits

These are all going

I haven’t worn this watch for at least 10 years, so it is on its way out


Closeup watch


If you would like any or all of the bits that are going, let me know via DM and you can have them for the postage, sorry UK only. If you think there is a £ or two to be made by selling any of it, feel free, I won’t mind at all. I’ll wait until Wednesday to see if I get any emails, then they’ll go to the charity shop if no-one wants them

So that’s another job done – sort bling….tick




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