2 ton units, meal plans still £1 and trying not to sing out loud

Sep 5, 2014 | 0 comments


We have kitchen units!!! Yay!!


They arrived this morning and after all the unloading, we had to sort out the boxes needed to fit the first one, the larder unit. I then spent the next half an hour trying to work out which was part A, part B, part C etc and stuck post it notes on them.


After assembling this enormous unit, with me saying, I don’t know if I am going to be able to lift this in place with you, I think it’s too heavy for me, we then discover it also has to have those little feet stuck on the bottom that kitchen units have. How on earth we are supposed to lever a 2 ton unit up from the floor without snapping off those little feet is anyones guess! DP went out and got some wood and he will fit that instead of the feet. We should then be able to lever it up. My goodness it’s heavy!


I have now updated the shopping lists for meal plans 1, 2 and 3 with current prices taken from mySupermarket. I am extremely pleased to report that they still work out at £1 a day, even tho they are now a year old. Some things have gone down in price, others have gone up, but they balance each other out. I shall do meal plan 4 as well, the other ones I won’t do yet as they are so recent, things won’t have changed much.


I have been wearing a FitBit for a while now to help me do 10,000 steps a day. I find this as challenging as some people do eating their 5 a Day.  Yesterday, I was walking around local streets to get my step count up, and to pass the time, I was listening to Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here. I don’t know how people commute while listening to music, I was finding it very hard not to sing along, wave my arms about and make those funny faces musicians do when they are playing an instrument, which would have looked exceeding strange, not to say, sound appalling.  I risked singing along quietly when I was sure no-one could hear me, but I couldn’t hear my own voice, it must have been a horrible racket!

The incomparable Floyd



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