10,000 steps and gooseberry crumble

Aug 3, 2014 | 0 comments


Went to Beachy Head today for a walk around and to get my daily step count up to the 10,000 mark.


What magnificent views there are from up there. Just enough of a breeze to blow the cobwebs away, lovely. Lots and lots of people all doing the same thing. Many of which were sitting right on the very edge of the cliffs to better admire the views. I knew people did this, but my goodness, haven’t they seen the news with the pictures of cliff falls?

After we had walked enough, we went off to a carvery, which was ok. Carveries aren’t really my favourite things, but DP really loves them.

Often, on a Sunday, we have a traditional lunch in the middle of the day, then at tea time, we have a stodgy pudding. Today we did just that and had gooseberry crumble. I still had one pot of creme fraiche in the fridge leftover from catering a WI lunch, so I mixed some of that with some Asda Greek style yogort and we had some of that on top of the crumble.

I use my small Pyrex dish, which holds 3 or 4 portions, depending on how generous you are, and use a crumble mix of 80g each of flour, sugar and oats, and 120ml rape seed oil. Then pop it in the Remoska, covered with foil for 30 minutes to cook the fruit, and a further 10 minutes uncovered, to brown the top.

A lovely Sunday.




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