New Years Day

Jan 1, 2015 | 1 comment


happ new year

Well, that’s day one of the diet done and dusted.

Leftover risotto at lunchtime and this at dinner
Two thick slices of ham, a crispy jacket potato and a salad.

The potatoes were microwaved first, then a tiny bit of oil smeared on the skin and crisped in the oven with a plum crumble I did for DP.

The salad was 3 raw Brussels sprouts, shredded, grated carrot, a little finely sliced red cabbage and a spring onion.

The dressing was equal quantities of light mayonnaise and plain yoghurt mixed with sweet chilli sauce. One of my favourites at the moment, and delivers a lot of flavour for not many calories



Took the Christmas tree down today and packed away all the ornaments ready to be used next year. I have had most of these ones for about 20 years now! They cost a lot of money when I got them, but I knew I would use them, and love them, for many years. About 5 years ago I got 2 lovely glass apples and 2 glass pears, and last year I found some lovely gold type baubles, really classy ones, in a charity shop, which I pile up on window cills and in bowls. Oh, and a huge ceramic Father Christmas which stands on the mantel piece. It’s amazing what you can find sometimes in charity shops.

Yesterday, I bought a book in one. It’s by Ben Elton and called Two Brothers. It’s based on something in his real life. Two of his uncles served on opposite sides in World War Two. One in the Wehrmacht, the other in the British Army. What an appallingly conflicted situation for his family to be in (no pun intended). I don’t know how you could manage something like that. I have read most of his novels and enjoy his writing very much. His character development is good and the story always keeps me turning the pages.



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  1. Caterina

    Happy New Year dear Lesley, and good luck with the diet, we all need some!

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