500g packs of Aduki Beans from Approved Foods for 20p!

Aug 20, 2013 | 6 comments


500g packs of Aduki Beans from Approved Foods for 20p!

Approved foodsHad my very first Approved Foods at a bargainous price. I’d never really fancied what they did before, there seemed to be too many cakes, chocolates and biscuits. Not that there is anything wrong with those, in moderation. It’s the moderation bit I struggle with, if they are in the house, they are screaming at me until they get eaten. They don’t even have to get eaten by me, so long as they are no longer there.

Anyway, I had a look and found enough of interest to place an order. Got several cans of black and green olives for 40p each, several 500g pks of aduki beans for 20p each, that has got to be the makings of the cheapest bean burgers ever!

Some Finish Powerball dishwasher tablets at 11p each, although after placing the order, I went to the Aldi at the bottom of my daughter’s road and found they had some own brand ones there, that Which had recommended, at much the same price, oh well. Strong white flour, 2 x 3kg at 50p each (twice the size of normal packs), 4 pks of what turned out to be Tesco multigrain pasta at 25p each, quite a few dark Snickers for DP at 20p each and the most massive 2.5kg pack of vegetable bouillon I have ever seen at just £1. And several other things as well.

AP sell foods that are very near, or even past, their ‘best before’ date, everything is perfectly good to use, nothing is sold that is past a ‘use by’ date

So if you, like me, haven’t really fancied looking at them before, or maybe you hadn’t heard of them, maybe now is the time to have a look and see if you find anything you fancy. As a certain supermarket says, every little helps.



  1. Lesley

    I think we will be having some lovely conversations then as I too am always looking for new ideas. I am spending a lot of time researching and cooking recipes for the blog, and read everything now thinking about how I could frugalise it

    So many ideas buzzing around my head, not enough time to blog them all!

  2. Rita

    I’m an addict!
    I look at the site almost every day, and add things I am interested in to my basket. I won’t send in an order until I have used up all the weight allowance and the cost of the basket is no more than one third of the RRP. The last basket was one sixth of the RRP. Sometimes I don’t place an order for months, but I like to keep an eye on what’s on offer.
    Often things will sell out and be deleted from my basket before I place an order, but checking every day means that I don’t have to trawl through the whole site to place my order.
    I always like to see what other people have bought, and how they use up the ingredients – I’m always looking for new ideas.

  3. Lesley

    I think I am probably a convert, I keep wanting to go and have another look, even tho all the cupboards are stuffed full of groceries and it will take us a while to get through it.
    I had cooked some of the aduki beans to make some burgers with for lunch, but stayed out too long and just grabbed a quick sandwich when I got back at 2:30, too hungry to wait!

  4. Rita

    I’m a HUGE AF fan. I find that there’s nothing I want for ages, or the prices aren’t low enough, and then all of a sudden there’s a heap of bargains for me. I avoid snacks and chocolate and tend to go for the basics, although I buy biscuits or chocolate occasionally as a treat.
    You’ll find that anyone who shops at AF has a cous cous mountain! I have some of that bouillon too, but haven’t tried it yet. AF really helps me to keep my food bills down.

  5. Lesley

    I emailed Approved Foods as the pack was packed upside down, the lid had opened and quite a bit of the stock powder was in the box (I scooped most of it back in). I wasn’t after a refund,and said so, it was an FYI, but got an email that they had refunded it anyway, so even cheaper now!

    As for TWO of them, that really would take a long time to use!

    I shouldn’t eat chocolate for so many reasons, not least the calories, I am far too well padded already, don’t need any more help in that department. But chocolate, caffeine and alcohol all give me migraine, so I’m pushing my luck if I sneak any. I try to keep it in a locked tin, that only DP has the key to, most of the time that works 😉

  6. Sue

    I got the Vegetable Bouillon too only I got two of them, so it’s going to last me forever!! But at that price it would mad not to buy them. I still have some bags of the pasta from my last order what a fantastic saving. And I have the BIGGEST jar of Cous Cous imaginable!!

    It’s really good but you do have to be very well behaved and refrain from buying too much chocolate, although saying that, I was tempted by a full box of Snickers Crunchers, and very yummy they are too, soon the temptation will have gone though as we have only a few left.

    Like you, I love it when they are all gone and temptation is no more 🙂

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