Old phones, pretty flowers and glorious sunsets

Jun 6, 2014 | 2 comments


Old phones, pretty flowers and glorious sunsets

I had an interesting and rather nice day yesterday.

First of all, I went up the road to Burwash. On our local Freecycle group, a chap had offered an old Nokia, the type that makes telephone calls and pretty much that’s it. Just the type of phone that my Mum wanted. So he and I arranged to meet in a local pub, where he and a group of friends and relatives meet up every week for coffee, cake and a chat.

I found them all easily enough – it was all the laughing! I was warmly welcomed and invited to stay for a cup of coffee, which I did. There then followed a delightful interlude of chat, banter and finding out about each other. I gave the chap a pot of home made piccalilli to thank him for the phone, and off I toddled with a newly acquired phone, stopping briefly in the car park to buy a punnet of local strawberries. Which were as delicious as you would expect local Sussex strawberries in Wimbledon season to be.

When I got back home, I parcelled it up and sent it off to Mum. Blimey! Isn’t postage expensive!

imageThen I had a little walk round the garden and admired the physocarpus shrub which has lovely flowers all over it. They even have a little bit of fragrance – my favourite thing in a garden, well….. after fruit and veg of course.

imageThen later on, as the sun was going down, we had THE most glorious sunset. Our little garden faces almost due south and gets a lot of sun, even tho the neighbours on all three boundaries are seemingly doing their best to shade us out with giant trees, overgrown bamboo and untrimmed buddleia. This aspect means that the front of the house faces almost due north. But it isn’t as dark as that may imply. We have a huge picture window to make best use of the lovely view over the valley, we can see right over to Mayfield, about 5 miles away. In the morning it is often in a basin of mist and the view is changing all the time, we stand and look at it often.



  1. Lesley

    Oh thank you Julia. I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful area, with woods and streams, beaches and downs all in easy reach.
    Living in the tropics sounds interesting in many different ways, with much to enjoy

  2. Julia Taylor

    Just to say I love your blogs but they make me homesick!. My family lives in the TBW area, and I delight in the countryside all around there. Each time you mention places like Burwash, or strawberries, my mind travels back to the days when I actually lived there too. But musn’t complain, have been in the tropics for more than 40 years now so life could be a lot worse! And I did go back “home” in March when the weather was in fact quite good. Please keep up with your daily blog, food or no food!

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