Freebies, gardens, shades and stones

Jun 25, 2015 | 0 comments


I had two little parcels arrive today. One was the magazine, Woman and Home, the other was a packet of flavoured couscous. Both were freebies bagged over on LatestFreeStuff, or rather, from the daily email they send me with the day’s freebies up for grabs. I’ve had several things from there now, well worth signing up for it.

The WI went to Town Place garden today.  It’s a lovely garden of 3 acres. I headed straight for the potager (kitchen garden) and was rather surprised to find it under some large trees. Not where I would have put it! I enjoyed the visit, but I, and the two friends I was walking round with, didn’t think it was worth the £10 that it cost each of us. Especially as it is open for the National Garden Scheme over this weekend for half that. We didn’t even get a cup of tea and cake. When we left the garden, we went to a local quirky shopping development in some converted buildings where we had our tea and cake and a good old moan about the cost.

Before I went off, I helped DP fit the first of my lovely glass lampshades. It looks wonderful. We’ll fit the 2nd one tomorrow. And tomorrow is when the stone for the new patio arrives. It’s all happening here this week!




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