Dresses, lasagna and resolutions

May 6, 2015 | 1 comment


Look what arrived this morning! This gorgeous little dress is what my, very tall, 7 year old grand daughter will be wearing to my wedding. I got it from eBay, at a very decent price. It’s amazing what can be found there. Must get on and order my own dress now. Am waiting impatiently for my Mother of the Bride dress to arrive

a purple childs bridesmaids dress

Another lasagna this evening. DP didn’t get any of the one we made yesterday, hence the one today.

Did the lasagna prep then went to the gym this morning and got red faced, hot and sweaty. It was great! I got blown up the road to the gym, and blown back down again when I was down. Phew it was windy! Home, with just enough time to cool down and clean up, have a bowl of Tom Yum, before going off to WI committee. We have our Resolutions meeting next week where we discuss the issue that the WI will be lobbying about this year. We have a nice lunch, then we have the debate.

I do the catering and this year, I’ll be doing an asparagus and pea risotto, with chunks of butchers ham, leaving out the ham for the vegetarians. Pudding will be a rhubarb jelly, in a Gu pot, with roasted rhubarb over it, and topped with buttery ginger nut crumbs. Should be good!

Have now eaten our lasagna, and I am sitting on the sofa talking to you while watching How To Make Chocolate. Don’t know how people can work in a chocolate factory. And no, I wouldn’t get tired of it. Theoretically of course, I can’t eat it at all, migraine territory.


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  1. Jorsy

    Lovely dress!

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