Changing silk flowers to suit the season

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I’ve blogged before about silk flowers, showing what I chose for both a spring and summer arrangement. I like to keep a large arrangement in my kitchen to brighten up the place. I have a base arrangement of plain green leaves in a ‘glass’ vase, and each season, I add in blooms that are right for that time of year.

Autumn choices

I didn’t have any for autumn, and today the new ones arrived. I went for two different colours of dahlia, some rose hips and some orange paper lanterns. When I unpacked them, I was really pleased with the quality. They are so realistic. The rose hips are a tiny bit shiny, the paper lanterns look just like the real thing and the dahlias. Well, they are simply superb.

Silk flowers from Bloom

Silk flowers from Bloom


I went to WI this afternoon and we had to take something yellow of interest. So I took two of the yellow irises from the summer arrangement, and one of the pale dahlias. One of my friends actually picked one up and said, goodness, how on earth do you get such lovely irises at this time of year, and what a lovely dahlia, what variety is it, as she gently riffled the petals. She thought they were real ones, even holding one in her hand she thought it was real!

Summer choices

Silk flowers
I carefully wrapped up the summer ones, two different types of yellow shaded iris, pink foxgloves and some white ranunculus. They will go in the loft, ready for next year. I think I’ll trim a little more off the iris stems, they were a bit too tall for the vase. When I say trim, they have very thick wire in the stem, so cutting a bit off involves Mike and his angle grinder!

Winter choices

I’ve just got the winter blooms to choose and I’ll be set for all four seasons.



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