The garden in July

Jul 19, 2019 | 4 comments


I took a few pictures of the garden this week. It’s been looking really good this year. I usually buy a basil plant and put it in a large pot, it lasts all summer. I’ve tried keeping one in the house over winter, but they really don’t like it and they go all manky The goldfish are doing well in the pond and seem to be growing, they splash around in the splash of the pump that aerates it, they love that. Can you spot my metal chicken in the first picture? I could have taken a lot more, but thought it would be too many, then I discovered this Gallery way of showing them. So perhaps I’ll take some more and add them in 🙂



  1. Pamela Gardiner

    Thank you for your lovely gallery of your garden photos. Since downsizing my garden is sorely missed, especially for summer fruits . I could almost taste those loganberries, not something you can buy unfortunately.
    Best wishes and many thanks, Pam

  2. Thrifty Lesley

    The back area is about 60 foot wide by 50 foot deep, and the front area about 30 foot wide by 12 foot deep

  3. New England Flybaby

    What a beautiful garden!! I wish I had your green thumb; unfortunately, I tend to kill plants, though.

    It looks like you’ve planned it out nicely, as far as the use of space, too. How big is your garden area, if you don’t mind sharing that info?

    Stay cool!

  4. Su

    Your garden is lovely. I’m quite envious of your greenhouse, I just don’t have the room for one and it would be so useful to one. I doubt very much that I am going to get any tomatoes from my three plants, they are only just beginning to flower now. The rain has killed off my basil plant, but I will try again next year to grow some edibles, especially as I bought a fig tree for £2.50 the other day.

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