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Jan 1, 2017 | 8 comments


Happy New Year to you and yours. Did you go out last night to ring in the new year? We didn’t, we very rarely do. We have had enough socialising by now, had enough of eating a lot and are feeling generally partied out.

Happy New Year

We watched a film on Freeview and by the time we settled down to sleep, it was gone midnight anyway. This is not a good thing for me, it upsets my system. I have trouble sleeping for many reasons. Yesterday, I hadn’t had any chocolate (trying to get back on the straight and narrow), I’d gone out and done my 10,000 steps. Both good. But because I hadn’t slept well the previous night, another late one, I had had a long nap on the sofa, couldn’t keep my eyes open. That was enough to kick everything out of kilter. I listened to the radio on headphones until 2:00am, then got up and read until 6:00am, went back to bed and was still awake at 7:30am when Mike got up, but did manage a few hours after that. If I don’t lay down to sleep at about 11:00pm, I sort of miss my slot and don’t sleep until the next morning.

Got up about 10:30am, so today has gone super fast. Haven’t got out today as it’s been raining quite hard all day and been dark and overcast, had the lights on all day.

An exciting job

Once I’d thrown off the grogginess, I had a potter in the kitchen. I went through the whole of the downstairs freezer to update the inventory. I have to redo it every now and again as I often forget to update the current one with items going in or out, so it gets out of date.

I knew I had some fresh cranberries in there. I’d bought a packet last year and not used it, and I was sure I had some from the year before that as well. I found two and a half packets in the end. I have been enjoying cranberry sauce on all sorts of things,  but have finished the jar I had. So I put all the cranberries in a pan, added a good splash of water, about a teacup, and about a teacup of sugar and simmered it all down. As they cooked through, the mixture thickened up beautifully and the amount of sugar that I had guessed was just right. So I now have two jam jars of lovely cranberry sauce/jam to enjoy.

After that, I took out the almost full packet of cooking bacon that had been in there a month. Bacon tends to develop off flavours after a while, so I thought I’d use it up. I haven’t many meat pastes stashed away, so I turned the bacon into a bacon and tomato sauce paste for breakfast toast.   Tastes like a BLT if you have it in a sandwich with some shredded lettuce – yum!

There are some elderly bits of cooked meat leftover from various meals carefully put away in plastic bags in there too. I think I might turn those into pastes as well. I do like a couple of pieces of toast spread with a paste and some tomatoes or carrot batons on the side for my breakfast.

Resolutions and changes for the New Year

Have you made any resolutions, going to start a diet and exercise program, sort out your finances once and for all, that kind of thing? I need to get back on the dieting bandwagon, and get back up that gym. I hope I can rid myself of some of this flab this year.

Many people give up alcohol for January, or become vegan for the month – Veganuary. Can’t help you with the former, but the latter, I just might.

We will be converting the loft in our house in 2017, starting in the spring, when it warms up a bit. Don’t want to open up to the freezing loft when it’s still winter! I’m really looking forward to that.

It’s the 40th anniversary of our first meeting this year, and I want to do something special to celebrate that. I’ve seen a holiday driving around the perimeter of Iceland. I really fancy that, although Mike has already said that he isn’t flying, so I’ll have to find another way to get him there.

In the spring also, I will be actioning the redesign of part of the garden. There is a lot of prep to do before planting up, but it’s absolutely sodden out there, and has been for ages. I might even get someone to help with the heavy work, you never know.

I’ll be writing some more meal plans, finding more budget deliciousness.

One thing I won’t be doing is going to the sales. Apart from the fact that I don’t enjoy shopping for stuff, I’ll explain more another day. And speaking of stuff, I’ll be getting rid of a lot more of it.

Do you have plans or projects for 2017? Do share



  1. Lesley

    There is much to be said for the simple life, a lot of it is deeply rewarding

  2. Lesley

    Your home is being shown, wow, it’s really happening then! Oooooh, big changes (delicious shivers)

  3. T

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Leslie. My plans for the year are to get back to growing and canning my own produce and getting back to the simple life again. Peace and blessings. 🙂

  4. Diane

    I’d love to do that cruise. 60 years ago I learned about the fjords (what a wonderful word), Iceland and Hadrian’s Wall and vowed to see them. I have to do it soon as I’m now 72! This has to be the year. I’m sitting in a coffee place while my estate agent shows my home. I’m not usually so gabby!!

  5. Lesley

    That’s some serious changes you’re planning! Many years ago, Mike and I went on a cruise around the Norwegian fjords. It, and they, were amazing! One of the few holidays I would like to do again.
    There are several places in the world that are of the type you describe, how brave!
    2017 does sound challenging in politics, to say the least.

  6. Lesley

    The veggie beds sound great. I’ve never had to deal with iguanas! Does living where you do mean you can grow stuff all the year round?

  7. Diane

    Iceland! I’ve been thinking a lot about going there on my way to England this year. That airline WOW has amazingly cheap prices and I think I can do a month away with just a small suitcase by going to charity shops if I need more clothes or whatever. I listened to a BBC podcast about an American singer who moved to Iceland and loves it. He vividly described places there. Netflix has had a couple of Icelandic detective series that I watched mostly to get a look at the land and people. Intriguing. My goal this year is to sell my mobile home and move into something smaller and cheaper so I will have money for traveling to the U.K. and Scandinavia. In my dreams I’d like to find a safe, quiet place to live when things really unravel here as I think they probably will. A fjord in Norway?? As if they’d want an old American. Ha ha!! Oh well, just dreaming. Happy New Year. I look forward to following your remodel project.

  8. Julia Taylor

    Happy New Year to everyone! I’m not really one for making new year’s resolutions, but I have been wanting to do the following for some time, and now seems as good as any to begin.
    I was very impressed with a friend’s waist-high vegetable garden which surrounds the perimeter of her back yard. As a somewhat more than a 60+er, bending down is now out of bounds, so this solution seemed a good one to me. I shall have some waist high vegetable-beds made in my back garden to grow my own spinach and fresh herbs. Need to ensure they are protected from greedy iguanas though – oh yes, I forgot to say that I live in the Caribbean where garden pests are not restricted to slugs and snails!

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