Getting back to Earth

Jun 8, 2015 | 4 comments


What an amazing, incredible day it was yesterday. Everything went perfectly, the weather was a perfect English summers day, the bride and groom enjoyed everything hugely and weren’t nervous at all.

The ceremony was beautiful, I cried, of course. They each said something they had written to each other which was moving, and the speeches too, were very special.

My daughter and son in law embracing at their wedding

Everyone seemed to have a good time and there was much laughter, all day long. The Crowhurst Park staff were extremely good, quietly efficient for hours on end. Especial thanks must go to John Lewis at Dream Wedding Creations. The poor chap was rushed into hospital with gallstones and as soon as he could, he insisted on finishing off the cake, which Sam had won at a bridal fair. He looked very ill when they went to see it the day before the wedding. It really was above and beyond. This picture doesn’t do it justice as I have cropped it from a larger one, but you can get an idea of how good it was. All the flowers are hand made sugar paste. Delicious cake too.


This picture is 3 generations, my daughter and her new husband, my granddaughter (the daughter of my other daughter) and my great grandson (the brides grandson). We don’t have many pictures yet, but one of the ones I really want to see is the one with five generations. Me, my Mum, my daughters, their children, and little Isaac, nearly 3, doesn’t he look cute in his little suit!

Mike looked very handsome in his tails, even tho he didn’t like wearing them. I felt very glamorous in my posh frock, hat and back combed hair. No pictures of either of us yet.

3 generations

The grooms Mum was too ill to attend, so my iPad was used to Skype with her so she could enjoy the celebrations, which meant I couldn’t use it to take pictures myself, or my phone as that had minimal charge on it. The photographer did a great job and we will soon have lots of great shots to enjoy. The happy couple are off to Mexico for a couple of weeks on honeymoon on Wednesday, so we’ll probably have them when they get back.

Went to there’s this morning to collect a vehicle and ended up helping to clear up, just a bit, and enjoyed watching them open their gifts and writing it all down so they can remember who gave them what when it comes to the thankyou’s.

I haven’t come down to earth yet, truly a day to remember. I’ve got to concentrate on our own wedding now, although I’ve got a Thrifty Lesley talk to give on Wednesday, so need to prepare for that tomorrow.



  1. Lesley

    They are one of the most popular things I’ve done!

  2. Sooze

    What a lovely day you all had….lovely couple, beautiful bouquet and cake, gorgeous children.

    Oh and just to let you know, I made your Tomato Scones this morning, I added a few chopped sundried tomatoes and some grated strong Cheddar. They are scrumptious, will be making these regularly.

  3. Sue

    It looks wonderful 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you in your posh frock!!

  4. Caterina

    Many congratulations to the happy couple and to both families!

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