Dobbing, Dabbing, Snowdrops and Quilts

Aug 22, 2014 | 2 comments


In addition to the soup post today, I thought I would give a bit of an update on the kitchen, and other things.

imageAs you can see from the picture, there was some ‘dobbing’ and ‘dabbing’ going on today as DP and SIL to be lined the new part of the kitchen with plasterboard.

It’s all very exciting and is starting to feel a lot more real now. The underfloor heating has been laid and fully screeded over. The plumber needs to come and commission it soon.

We need to make some decisions on where the sockets are going and what lighting we want as the cables need to be put in place.

The units are due to arrive on 5th September, which is only two weeks away now! I would say that fitting them is going to create chaos, but we are already in complete chaos. And the garden is too. There are building bits everywhere and where the new patio will be really IS a building site.

We ARE getting there, slowly. And it will be fab when it’s done.

This evening I finally finished sewing round the bias binding on the quilt my Mum made. I just couldn’t get the binding to sew how I wanted it. The first side went on alright. Then I pressed it, pinned it and tacked it for the second side. But when I stitched it, the presser foot was pushing the binding which meant that it is stretched and a bit wrinkly. I just couldn’t get it right. I tried adjusting the pressure, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. I wish now that I had sewn it first onto the right side, then I could have slip stitched it on the reverse. I tried slip stitching a bit to see, and it lay beautifully flat. I even tried machine stitching the part I had slip stitched, but it still distorted. As I had sewn it first on the wrong side, I didn’t really want the slip stitched side to be on the right side.

Still, if it annoys me too much. I can always undo the stitching and slip stitch it, even if it is on the right side. It’s currently having a bit of a wash in the washing machine and I am looking forward to seeing it all finished and cleaned.

DD1 and DGD are coming up tomorrow and as the weather forecast is good, we are planning to go back to Wilderness Woods to have a poke around, a play and an explore. Oh, and some lunch in the little cafe there. It should be a good day out. Then there are tomatoes to be picked, bugs to be examined, beans to be inspected, apples to be tested, plums to be admired etc.

I have some snowdrop bulbs that I must get out in the garden. I know bulbs aren’t as good as buying them in the green, but I thought I would give them a go. I read that they look lovely coming through ophiophogon, or black grass, and as I have some clumps of that, that is the plan. The front garden is the least ravaged by the building, even tho there are blocks, sand and cement seemingly in permanent residence on the front porch, and the front is where the ophiophogon is. There are still lots of flowers blooming away out there. It has been feeling very autumnal this week and we’re still in August for goodness sake!



  1. Lesley

    Hi Lynda, I have just had a look on my own iPad. My printer isn’t a wifi one, so I can’t test that part. But I pressed the ‘print friendly’ icon for plans 6 and 7, and what came up looked the same to me.

    Can you explain a bit more about the problem you are having with plan 7?

  2. Lynda welsh

    Hi Lesley
    I love your blog and have downloaded your meal plans up to number 6

    However , I am having problems in printing off meal plan 7 and the recipes

    There is no option to print via wifi from my iPad tablet whereas other documents are giving me the option

    I hope to hear from you
    Thanks in advance
    Lynda xxx

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