Living Below The Line – 2014

Apr 10, 2014 | 5 comments


Living Below The Line – 2014

Well, I made the decision to do it this year. So the question now is, when. Looking at my crowded diary, the only time I can get 5 consecutive days where I can do it start TOMORROW!  Eek!

It hardly seems fair as the whole ethos of this site is to live on £1 a day, every day. So to make it more of a challenge, I set some rules.

  • I can only spend the allowance for 1 person, no rolling up more than 1 to be able to buy more variety.
  • I can only buy whole packages of things, no spoon of this or drizzle of that.
  • It must be reasonably healthy, no living on cheap stodge.
  • No getting produce or herbs free from the garden, foraged, or from friends.
  • No eating meals at friends houses either
  • No dipping in the store cupboard to help with flavourings

I’ve been thinking about what I would do if I did and this is what I’ve come up with. All priced using mySupermarket at Asda

tin chopped tomatoes 31p
900g white cabbage 45p
220g carrots 20p
460g onions 34p
bag sr flour 45p
jar strawberry jam 29p
500g red lentils £1
500g cooking bacon 81p
Best for Baking spread 250g 55p
value soft cheese 250g 61p
Total £5.01

What would you do with that?

I have worked out a menu plan that sounds workable
the pancakes are the ones like these here, like drop scones, not flat, crepe type ones

Day 1
Breakfast breakfast pancakes with 100g mixed veg in, 50g flour, 80g veg
Lunch 100g lentils and 200g veg soup
Dinner flour and 100g lentil dumplings, 100g Toms as sauce, whizzed with 100g veg

Day 2
Breakfast plain breakfast pancakes and jam
Lunch 200g mixed veg soup with dumplings and 100g bacon
Dinner flour and 100g lentil flatbread, 150g veg mixed into 30g soft cheese

Day 3
Breakfast plain breakfast pancakes with 100g mixed veg in, 30g soft cheese
Lunch 100g lentil and 200g veg soup
Dinner dumplings stuffed with 100g bacon, 100g tom sauce poured over

Day 4
Breakfast plain breakfast pancakes and jam
Lunch 200g mixed veg soup with dumplings and 100g bacon
Dinner scone based pizza, 100g of toms as sauce, 100g mixed veg and 30g soft cheese on top

Day 5
Breakfast plain breakfast pancakes and 100g bacon
Lunch leftover scone pizza
Dinner stew of 100g bacon, 200g veg, last 100g of toms, 30g soft cheese

And for hungry moments
Plain scone, jam, soft cheese 130g available
Nan and spread
Flat bread

I may roast some of the onions and carrots for extra flavour

I pushed it through my nutrition spreadsheet and it came out pretty good
10,186 calories in total, so just over 2000 a day
9.95 portions of veg a day, including the red lentils
12% protein – govt recommendation is 10-35%
18.73% fat – govt recommendation is 20-35%
68.41% carb – govt recommendation is 45-65%
22g fibre a day – govt recommendation – not sure, 25g for me I think

So a little carb heavy, but very good on the vegetable front, not bad on protein and low fat

It’s going to be a challenge sticking to the £5! I’ll let you know how I get on. I shall have to drive to Asda in Eastbourne tomorrow to pick up my supplies. Not a very efficient thing I know, and of course, if I really needed to live on £1 a day, it isn’t something I could do, I wouldn’t have that option.

I have had a look at the website and decided on ActionAid as the charity I will raise funds for. I shall be asking my WI friends to contribute, and anyone else I think I can get £1 or 2 from!

ActionAid is a child and community development charity based in the UK to help the world’s poorest people. This appeals to me as a worthwhile cause and they are doing some very good work.

Living Below the Line is a challenge for every person living in poverty. But, for women and girls it’s even harder.  That’s why ActionAid works with the most vulnerable women and girls, supporting them to give their families a better future.
Between 26 March and 25 June every penny we raise through the ActionAid Live Below the Line challenge will be matched by the UK government as part of our She Can appeal, meaning you can double the difference you make to women and girls living in poverty. – See more at:

I will be putting a Donate button on here in case anyone would like to donate to ActionAid via the Live Below the Line challenge. The link is Here. I  tried to make the link on the sidebar clickable, but haven’t worked out how to do it yet!



  1. Lesley

    Miss piggy, As far as I know, ActionAid are getting everything, I will check tho. I am aware that I would have to eat this EVERY day in many countries which would be very tedious. Very grateful I do not have to face that kind of life

  2. misspiggy

    Lesley, could you share this with ActionAid to perhaps pass on to other LBLers? I know so many people who were stuck with plain rice for days last year, because they didn’t have the know how that you have. (Illustrative of the point about what many people in developing countries are stuck with, but it would be nice to help people through the week a bit)

  3. Claire

    If you took out the soft cheese and the jam, you could replace them with natural yoghurt, spaghetti, and kidney beans, then you’d be a penny under 😉 x

  4. Lesley

    Ooh, you’re a hard woman Sue! 1p!!
    Just had breakfast, which was lovely. Noted the amounts and will remove them from my shopping which I’m just about to go and get. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the veg for the price I need. 😉

  5. Sue

    You’ll have to hope you can nab a bargain, because if you are being a stickler for doing it right, you cannot go over by that single solitary penny !! 😉

    I’ve been asked to publicise it on my Blog again this year, so I will be doing a series of posts next week in the run up to the actual event which starts on the 28th April.

    Good luck with yours, it will be good to watch how you do.

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