Heathfield Agricultural Show

May 28, 2016 | 6 comments


It was the Heathfield Agricultural Show today. True to form, the rain belted down overnight and was tipping it down when I got up this morning. The forecast was for sun later on, so fingers were crossed. The show is a big deal in the community, attracting thousands of visitors for the just one day event.


There are traditional country pursuits, tractors, country clothes, lots of delicious food stuffs.


I bought two different types of goats cheese from a producer located just a couple of miles away, some bunny burgers and chorizo also from a local farm and a Panama type hat for wearing in bright sunlight.

I helped out at the Heathfield WI tent, doing a demo of some of the things we cook here for a couple of hours.

Some of our hard working committee


Here is the president celebrating scooping a Third Prize for our exhibit. Well done all, I know how much work goes into these things. I can be seen over her shoulder in my cooking corner.


During one of the showers, the tent we were in was suddenly crammed with people and samples were being handed out just as fast as I could produce them!

I did a pot of spicy lentil soup – unwhizzed as there wasn’t any power: some raisin pancakes, I always do those at demos. People are always amazed that something so delicious can be made with just flour, water and a sprinkle of raisins. Next up was some peanutty noodles, sans noodles, just the stir fry. Then I did the Goan chicken curry. Everything was well received, and most of it disappeared, which is always gratifying.

The Go:Ver gym that I go to had a stand just down from ours. Alex, my coach, is the handsome young man on the right. They are a great team, very inspirational, and they really do live up to their slogan.

Go:ver gym

I was on my feet for about 6 hours and they were aching rather by the time I got home. I’m sitting in my favourite spot now talking to you, with the sliding doors open to the garden, enjoying the last of the sun and listening to the birds singing. Lovely.

Did you do something nice today? Got anything planned for the bank holiday? I shall be up that gym tomorrow, doing my new weights based workout. The fridge is crammed, so I’ll be doing a meal plan in a bit, don’t want to waste anything!




  1. Sarah

    I have that problem on my android phone, thought it was probably just my old phone. No problems when Like today I use a computer.

  2. Rae

    Its okay on an iphone

  3. Lesley

    Yes, they are bras! It was a competition that Heathfield WI ran a couple of months ago.
    Re the picture, it looks alright on my iPad. I’ll check on the laptop in a bit. Can’t check the phone as its being mended today

  4. New England Flybaby

    Is anyone else having this problem? When Lesley posts an answer, her photo almost covers the answer entirely. Frustrating.

    Lesley – Hope your feet have recovered from standing for so long. Also, are those “Bras” I see hanging up as decorations in background in the tent in Heathfield?

  5. Lesley

    Yes, saw the pictures. Amazing costumes! Xxx

  6. Tracey

    Lesley went swimming this morning and then this afternoon she went to a wonderful birthday party. As you can see from the photo’s Alice in Wonderland was there, as was the Mad Hatter!

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