A not very nice lunch, summer sewing and too many earrings

Mar 2, 2015 | 4 comments


It was the WI lunch group last Friday and we went to The Middle House in Mayfield. It was not as good as usual with my John Dory being over cooked and one of the other parties lamb being tough, no veg for the fish eaters, and a couple of other quibbles. Had a laugh with my friends tho, and that’s why I go.

Afterwards, I was lured into the village charity shop. I wasn’t going to go, I didn’t want to find something I wanted!

However, I found this gorgeous little 3 piece suite for my DGD’s dolls house. Isn’t it cute! The bangle actually fits my gigantic wrists, is in perfect colours for me and was only £1. The fabric beneath is one of a pair of curtains. I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a self embroidered coloured starburst type pattern on it. The fabric is creamy coloured cotton and I am intending to make a bias cut summer skirt with it. And maybe a lightweight summer jacket to go with it if I can find a design I like.

Got the second of five weeks of Cooking Around The World at Claverham this evening. I’ve just packed my basket with all the bits and pieces I need to take, peeler, fresh coriander, a lime, an onion, some minced beef etc

I didn’t think I was going to be able to go today. I felt pretty crap yesterday evening and was up in the night and was actually sick, yuk. Still had pains this morning, but fine by lunchtime, so hooray, I can go. Goodness knows what that was all about. Who knows, gone now.

Intended to finish off the cleaning this morning, but we went down to Hastings so DP could try on his suit for DD2’s wedding. Then we came back and went down to Heathfield to look at wedding rings, but the shop is closed until Thursday for refurbishment, which was irritating. Never mind, we’ll have to go later in the week. In preparation, I had searched out my engagement ring, which I haven’t worn for ages, and gave it a good clean. I was going to wear it, but it wouldn’t go over my knuckle, think my fingers must have got fatter. Whilst searching, I realised just how many pairs of earrings I have that I haven’t worn in a very long time. I used to wear earrings everyday when I went to an office to work, but I tend to just go for a necklace these days. Another category to go through then and thin out. I half covered the bed with various boxes and little bags of jewellery and that’s when I realised how much there was stashed away. Time for a pruning methinks



  1. Lesley

    I’ll take some pics and say which ones will be going. I’d be happy to pass them on for postage if there are any you like.
    I’ve had them for years and years, so the fixings on the back of some of them may need resticking, they look a bit brown and brittle now.

    Nothing wrong with Pat Butcher earrings, I always liked them myself!

  2. ZolaSpud

    As a bling-o-phile I’d love to see a pic of the earrings you’re going to set free. I’m still in my earring gawping/hoarding phase y’see! ;^)
    In fact I got told yesterday that I’m wondering into Pat Butcher territory. Jolly spiffo, I say!! X^D

  3. Lesley

    It is hard getting rid of stuff, but once it’s out of the house and away, after a while, I just forget about it, so worth doing

  4. Frugal in France

    I’m in the early stage of real thrifting and I’m wondering if I am able to thin out. I supposed though that if you haven’t worn something in a long time, you don’t miss it ? Love the little doll’s furniture !

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