Changes in the garden and a walk by the sea

Apr 29, 2017 | 2 comments


Changes in the garden

The apple tree above has masses of beautiful blossom,  hopefully, the apples will follow eventually.

Been having a lovely time planting and tidying in the garden this week. Gradually getting it into shape. Mike has been doing some paving and it’s going to look great.

Went to the garden centre on Wednesday and got loads of plants. Some to fill in around the edges of the newly refurbished bed. The two pots I had with various plants of winter interest have gone over now. So I’ve got a dahlia for each pot and some other plants for summer interest.

The dahlias should tone in with the pink theme created by the planting designer. As should the pink geraniums.

This lot are crowded into the greenhouse because we’ve been having frosty nights recently.

We took a load of stuff to the recycling plant / dump this week. When I was putting some bits of paving too small to use for anything else in the assigned skip, I noticed a large pot in there. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, other than this bit of frost damage on part of the rim. So I appropriated it out of the skip and put it in the truck. The yellow flower behind may well be the plant I put in it for the summer.




Hard landscaping

Mike has been working hard doing his kind of tidying up by laying some lovely paving.

The part going off is going round the corner of the house and actually has a step there although you can’t see that it’s a step in the picture. I’ll be planting up this bed soon.



The part where the bath is will have a raised pond in it.

At the coast

We had a bit of a walk today at Eastbourne. It was a cloudy, cold and grey day today in Heathfield, looking like it might rain, but warm, clear and sunny at Eastbourne. There was a fair on along the front with all kinds of lovely smelling food, fudge stalls, leather bags, bouncy castle etc etc. Forgot to take any pictures! Except Mike took this one of me, you can see how blue and sparkly the sea is. We had less of a walk than usual as I have ‘a bit of a knee’ at the moment. Then lunch at the Beachy Head.



  1. Lesley

    Gillian – it’s looking pretty good already, once the flowers in it get going a bit more, it will look even better 🙂

  2. Gillian

    i like your salvaged flower pot! why do people throw perfectly usuable plant pots away so often? I have managed to find a couple of them that have been discarded – mine are filled with pelagorums so you don’t really notice the pots themselves – as it should be!!

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