Lunch, Snow & Leaks

Jan 29, 2015 | 0 comments


Yeurgh – it’s snowing here, right now. I hate the blimmin’ stuff. Got two things I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow, if it’s still around, they’ll get cancelled

Mum is down from Northampton and staying with my brother. They came over today and Mum bought us all a lovely lunch at The Three Cups Inn.  The chef there is a Pole called Marek and we have the loveliest foodie conversations. I took him a little pot of Olive & Tomato Curd today. He was off duty today, but it was taken upstairs to him and he sent a message down that he loved it – proud

Spent the day just chatting and hanging out, then the snow started chucking down and they had to shoot off before we all got snowed in. We’re high on the Weald ridge here, so get whatever weather is going. Sometimes we’re swathed in fog when all around is in sun.

It was wild wind and rain yesterday and the blimmin extension roof leaked – again! Poor Mike has done everything he can think of to fix it, and the blighter still leaks. It’s most frustrating. It’s not him that should be trying to fix it but the fella who put the roof on in the first place.  If it’s not too bad tomorrow he said that he will get up on the roof and go over all the seams inch by inch to see if he can get to the bottom of what on earth is happening.




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