The garden party this afternoon

Jul 9, 2014 | 2 comments


The garden party this afternoon

imageHad a lovely afternoon at our annual WI garden party. This was our tea table. I had just prepped 7 kilos of strawberries. Took me AGES!

The reddy looking scones are our tomato scones, made small, and with some black olives from Approved Foods added.

The sandwich end of the table


And the cake end

And this is our President doing the formalities before the quizes, tea and chat.

There was a happy buzz in the hall all afternoon

It might look and sound a mite staid and boring, but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Friends are a great blessing and must be nurtured and there were around 45 friends in that hall this afternoon. We will not remember, or be remembered, for what we rush around doing for work all day, that we kept up with our emails, our struggles to remain young and beautiful or to keep up with the Joneses

What will be remembered is a beautiful heart and soul. Be yourself, the world will adjust.

Homilies courtesy of a very good friend….you know who you are 😉



  1. Lesley

    You would have been very welcome. We had 3 lots of 2 guests from 3 other WI’s, and they were all very well looked after

  2. Diane

    This looks wonderful! To heck with zapping my apples your way. I wish, wish, wish I could teleport myself right into this party. Just finished my minute taking and making a finished product of them for our city. My bottom and my mind are numb from computing all day. I think I’ll get myself to the nearest place with a nice afternoon treat like I see here. Probably just Starbucks. 🙁 Glad you had a wonderful time with your friends. The event always makes the work worth it. Cheers.

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