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These baguette are actually not that difficult. No kneading, just mix and leave to rise, then shape, rise and bake. #BudgetMeals #CheapFood #BatchCooking

Cheapy bread rolls made with value flour, and made in an hour from bag to table #BudgetMeals #CheapFood

Puchka tart. What’s that? Complete deliciousness on a plate, that’s what #BudgetMeals #CheapFood

Anzac biscuits - chewy, coconutty and sweet, or savoury too. Ever tried a savoury biscuit? #BudgetMeals #CheapFood

An authentic spaghetti carbonara for less than 50p. You need to use pecorino cheese to get that special flavour #BudgetMeals #CheapFood

Thrifty Lesley in Video

A video for Guinness Partnership – preparing a warm salad – Feb 2016

click here for the post for the Guinness Partnership Feb 2016

The promo video for Money Advice Service – Stop Waste & Save Money – Feb 2016

Another video for Money Advice Service – Stop Waste – Feb 2016

Thrifty Lesley in the News

6th February 2014

A feature about Thrifty Lesley 

6th February 2014

About Thrifty Lesley and a typical days eating

Mail Online December 2014

Mail Online December 2014 where I first became the Quid Queen and devised a £1 Christmas Lunch

Mail Online December 2014

Guesting on the mySupermarket blog 

Thrifty Lesley in the Media

Share radio on 13th December talking about festive food
29th July 2016
28th July 2016
click here for the post for Money Advice Service on waste Dec 2015
Guest Post on the Money Advice Service - Are You Wasting Food? 19Sep15
Featured on Latest Free Stuff Blog, April 2015
Russian television - 24th February 2014
Metro 7Feb14
Daily Star 6th February 2014
Sussex Express 22nd February 2014
18th February 2014