The first, or is it the thirty ninth anniversary?

Aug 15, 2016 | 10 comments



On this day, last year, Mike and I got married after 38 years together. So today is our first anniversary – everybody go aaah

And it also means that next year it will be 40 years together. We need to organise something special to celebrate that!

Just married

Mike went to Tunbridge Wells earlier and spent some of our Marks and Spencer vouchers on a yummy dinner. This was partly so I didn’t have to cook, and partly because the architect came round at 4:30 to measure up for the plans for the loft conversion. We didn’t know how long he was going to be, so didn’t want to book anything, just in case.

I have just slipped into my wedding dress as I thought it would be romantic. I think I might make it a tradition!

In a bit, we will be having steak and chips with runner beans and broad beans from the garden, followed by a fruit cheesecake. Mike will have a glass or two of wine and I shall toast us with a glass of something sparkling but water based.


Yesterday, I was bemoaning the fact that yet again I hadn’t slept well. It used to be if I didn’t make any effort to excercise, I would take about 2-3000 steps, and probably not sleep well.  I now get the same effect from 5-6000 steps. Does that mean I’m a gym bunny?

Anyway, Mike said, right, come on you, I’m taking you walkies. We parked up in Seaford and walked all the way through to what was The Galleon, and what is now the Cuckmere, 9,000 steps.



And down daleSeven sisters



Admiring the flowers along the wayimage






Along the way, there were lots of signs like this as the cliff is especially crumbly in that area.image



Did it keep people away from the cliff edge? Did it heck. At least two dozen on our walk could be spotted right on the edge. Legs dangling over, buggy  pushed up to the edge so the baby could enjoy the view. A couple of men actually vaulted over this sign, and climbed over a wire fence so they could get to the edge! I suppose the risk isn’t that great, the chances are pretty small, but I wish they wouldn’t.

When we got to the pub, we waited AGES for lunch, and when it finally arrived, bits were missing, but it was 3pm by then and we were starving. Even so, Mike complained, especially as nearby tables were served before us. The server said the slow roast beef I had took a long time to cook. I don’t think they cook that to order!  Anyway, a boss came over and offered a free pudding, so we had that as well. And then walked all the way back, another 9,000 steps! Blimey, we did well that day, my knees knew all about it. I couldn’t keep awake when we got back, especially after very little sleep the night before, so I sort of passed out for an hour, and went to bed at 10 for 11 as usual. Woke up at 3am, but stuck with it until 6am,  and eventually slept again for a few hours.

The sea was mill pond smooth all day. This picture was taken at 5pm.image

We are really enjoying this lovely summer weather we are having and being semi retired/ self employed, we can get out on any day and have been on long walks a lot this month.



  1. Lesley

    Thanks! Ive found it easier over the years. You tend to find ways to deal with the aggravating bits and to amplify the good bits

    Nothing wrong with a bit of penny pinching, rather that than the other way and spending what you haven’t got!

  2. Mina @ Thrift Cottage UK

    Happy anniversary! What lovely photos, but what really makes me go all mushy is how sweet you sound towards each other (not just in this post, but in many others).

    I hope we’re like that after 40 years, if he hasn’t killed me for being a penny pinching bore 😉


  3. Sue

    It looks like a wonderful day out.

    Happy first/thirty ninth anniversary. xx

  4. Anna

    Happy day! You are a lovely couple.

  5. Lesley

    Edit: What a lovely trip, very exciting! When are you planning to come?

    We parked at Seaford and walked to the Cuckmere pub, that was 9,000 steps each way. 9,000 steps is about 4.5 miles.

    You could start from the pub and just go far as you feel, the path is very obvious from that direction. It’s obvious from the other direction too if you know where you’re going ie there are several different branches and you could go down the wrong one. You can see the sea from the pub.

    Re places to stay, I haven’t stayed anywhere that local so don’t have anywhere to recommend, all the little village around there will have guest houses etc. Eastbourne has lots of places to stay, at all levels

  6. Diane Clement

    Hi Lesley, I’m planning a trip to Ireland and England from California. I already had visiting Much Ado Bookshop in Alfriston on my list. I would like to take a walk while in the area. Your walk looks perfect and I can get to the Cuckmere on the bus. So, did you walk from there along the river to the ocean? Is there a clear path to follow? It looks to be about a mile. I’m looking at places to stay in Alfriston but might there be something a little less expensive but still clean and decent in another town? I would appreciate reading any thoughts you might have. I’m not interested in really touristy places and would prefer to be somewhere I am unlikely to see other American tourists (after all, this is a getaway trip and I do not want to hear anything at all about Trump; I want some relief and I’d move permanently if it was possible but, alas, I will settle for three weeks away). Also, I just love that pic of you and your hubby. You both look delighted. Great idea to get into that lovely outfit every year. Wishing you much continued happiness.

  7. Lesley

    Aw, thanks Julia !

  8. Julia Taylor

    Happy anniversary. Lovely photos, especially the wedding one. 38 years together – that is something to celebrate and you don’t look a day over 20!

  9. Lesley

    And a happy birthday to you!

  10. Evelyn Marrs

    Happy Anniversary, my birthday today as well

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