Springing in the garden

Jan 9, 2015 | 1 comment


How’s the garden? Mine is very wet with all the rain we have had here. But there are stirrings of life. The daphne will be flowering in a couple of weeks and has some lovely fat flower buds.

The clematis is a bit confused and has had the odd flower or two on it for weeks now

Do you remember the primrose I told you about that had been flowering continuously? Well, it’s still going, it’s looking a little tatty right now as the birds keep shredding the leaves, but it hasn’t given up yet

The snowdrop bulbs I planted aren’t showing themselves yet, and of course, being bulbs, they may never appear. I really must get round to getting some in the green

The crocus I planted in pots in the greenhouse are growing away strongly and will be flowering before too long.

There is a patch of leeks in the garden that need using before they too decide it’s Spring and start growing cores

Like the clematis, there have been a few rose heads continuously all the way through.

The sarcococcus is now in bloom. It has the tiniest, insignificant flowers. But stick your nose in there and you will be assaulted by the most glorious scent.

This is a succulent I am protecting from the frost in the greenhouse, not that we’ve had much frost here.

The hellebore has got a few flowers on it and will open very soon.

The basil struggles on, it doesn’t really like the winter much at all, the light levels are too low.

Baby chilli

I treated myself to a bunch of hyacinth today. They will perfume the kitchen beautifully in a day or so when they open their flowers.

An old favourite for dinner this evening, Vegetable Crumble. The veg are sautéing away on the stove as I type this, and the crumble is mixed, ready to go on top.

Since posting this, I have revised the portion sizes. I used to halve the mix and put it in two x two portion dishes. But, inevitably, we left about a portion each time. So I have decided it is actually six portions, which makes it even cheaper.

I have just repriced the ingredients and the whole dish comes out at £1.53, so 4 portions are now 38p, which is even cheaper than when I posted it in June 2013, and 6 portions are a miserly 25p each, frugalicious


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  1. maureen finch

    I enjoy trying your recipes and reading your comments.
    The gardening photos are very good and hopefully Spring
    is on it’s way. Thank you.

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