Mixed deli meat, tiny tomato seedling and Approved Food order

Mar 20, 2014 | 2 comments


imageDid a nice dinner a couple of days ago after having a rummage. Found a pack of mixed deli meat in the freezer that I got from Morrisons. It was cheap I know otherwise I wouldn’t have got it to experiment with. But I had taken it out of the box to fit in the freezer and it isn’t showing on mySupermarket on any of the supermarket listings, so I can’t cost it up. If you spot it, it is worth getting.

I used about 150g of it. It is thin slices and small pieces of all different meat, from the deli. I made a white sauce and added some fancy honey mustard for flavouring. Sliced an onion and mixed it all together. Then I rolled out some puff pastry, also from the depths of the freezer, piled on the mix, then drew up the sides into the middle, like a big pasty parcel. It was pretty tasty. It made four portions, so we had it twice.

I am getting holes and gaps in the freezers now, so this strategy is working – yay

imageAlmost squealed with excitement this morning (only almost mind) when I spotted this in the tomato seeds tray. It’s all of 1cm high! My first tomato seedling of the year. It’s blimming cold at the moment, which tomato seedlings don’t like, so I am very glad they are tucked up in gently warmed trays.

The latest Approved Foods order arrived today. Was very happy with everything except the 50p Lucky Dip. I know it is pot luck, but really felt rather short changed this time. There was a small packet of cake mix aimed at a child, I don’t use cake mixes, but I know someone who does. A couple of small packets of corn snacks, a bottle of sugary energy drink with added caffeine, which I can’t have as it gives me a migraine. One packet of crisps and quite a few sachets of brown sauce.

Stocked up with shower gel for DP, lots of toothpaste, some tinned green beans which I haven’t had before, so we’ll see if I like them. I am hoping to be able to use them in mixed bean salads, which I love, the other beans being haricot type beans not more green ones.  If I don’t like them much, they’ll disappear into soups, curries and the like. A few packets of biscuits for DP, the big box of clementines and mahoosive packet of custard. You have to cook the custard, but don’t need to use milk. I shall try doing it like I do the Birds type custard. I do that in the microwave which is easy enough.



  1. Lesley

    Well, one good thing. Went to see DD2 today and she said she loves brown sauce, so I know where all those little sachets will be going then!

  2. SUe

    Those Lucky Boxes are a bit hit and miss aren’t they, but I think of them as being like the Lucky Bags we used to buy as children, just a nice surprise. I got lucky last time with lots of very in date goodies, not all of which I use but all good enough to give to people that did.

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