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Feb 17, 2016 | 2 comments


Didn’t go to the gym this evening. Didn’t go yesterday either! Yesterday I went down to Bexhill and spent most of the day with my daughter, which was lovely. Got back in time to go to the gym, but had to do other things. So thought I’d go tomorrow (which is today). But today I went up to Tunbridge Wells for an eye test, had a quick lunch, then went out to book group. When I got back, I just couldn’t face going out for the third time.

I’ve done two sessions this week already, so I’ve got plenty of time to do another two.

There weren’t many people about in Tunbridge Wells today. It was a freezing cold day, but even so. I was a bit surprised and wondered where everybody was.

After my eye test, I treated myself to a visit to Waterstones. As I said earlier, it was a freezing cold day. The shop has two pairs of large doors and one door of each pair was wide open. All that heat pouring out to the street! I wanted to go and close them! It was cold inside the shop too it was that cold outside.

Waterstones books

I got a colouring book for my granddaughter with lots of very complicated drawings to colour in, like the new adult colouring books that are popular at the moment. I also got her a reading book with a story about a boy and a beetle that looks fun. For new husband I got a book on the rise of Isis. Like many men, he is fascinated by war and watches a lot of documentaries (and films) about it. I think he’ll find it interesting, and I shall read it myself too as I want to have a bit more of a grasp on why it has happened.

Then for myself, I got one on the pursuit of happiness which is a subject I’ve been interested in for a long time. Another on The History of the World in 100 Objects. It was a series on radio 4 that I listened to quite a while back now and enjoyed it very much.

And one that is the book of The Revenant, a current film. I haven’t seen the film (yet?) and the book looks like it is a good thriller, which we both enjoy. In due course it will be passed on to Mum, and then to one of my brothers, as they both like thrillers too. Especially Mum

I also got Nigella’s latest. That got missed off the picture as it is on the kitchen table being avidly read. Like I need another cook book – oh dear! Irresistible

I had WI book group today, and U3A book group tomorrow. We are reading Love in a Cold Climate in one, and The Other Queen in the other.

The first is a light comedy follow up to The Pursuit of Love, which we also read. I haven’t finished it yet as I have been so busy, but I will.

I wasn’t looking forward to The Other Queen, I’m not that fond of historical books of royalty, but I am actually enjoying it. Perhaps because it’s been novelised, so it’s more of a story than history, even tho there are a lot of historical facts in there. Haven’t finished that one either, but, again, I will.

I was involved in a discussion on the best money saving apps recently on UK Money Bloggers. I did a little write up on mySupermarket which I use a lot when costing recipes and meal plans. Do pop over and have a read, it’s got a lot of good apps, some of which I will be using from now on.

There are hundreds of apps out there focusing on shopping, banking, budgeting and making a little cash, so how do you choose the handful that you really need to download?

Some of the top UK Money Bloggers have joined together to share their picks in a guide to the essential money apps. Here are the 10 you need to download, now!

There is my little bit on mySupermarket

The essential app for keeping track of your money…Money Dashboard

The essential app for vouchers…Voucher-cloud

The essential app for getting loyalty points… Loyalive

The essential cash back app…Quidco

The essential app for finding the best price…PriceSpy

The essential app for earning easy money when you exercise…Bounts

The essential app for your holidays…XE

The essential app for selling old books… WeBuyBooks

The essential app for budgeting…Fudget


Got a less busy week next week, thank goodness. I’ll have time to draw breath. 



  1. Lesley

    Oh, lovely, thanks for the link. I didn’t get to hear some of them first time round

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