Loving Leftovers

Oct 30, 2015 | 4 comments


I couldn’t wait for Christmas could I! I succumbed and bought Hugh’s latest book. Am so glad I did, it’s his best yet. You may already know that I am a bit of a fan of his Hughness and have most of his books.  I love his style of writing, his enthusiasms, and his books have a great many recipes that I want to make. NH and I went to his Dorset HQ last summer for a course on bread making. It was fabulous and I learned loads.

Although this one is called Love Your Leftovers, it comes across much more as a text book on how to cook.

Every page has inspiration by the bucketload. This page on Hashes & Squeaks is genius


and this one on Curries is one I will be exploring very soon



Very, very recommended, if you can only afford one cook book – get this one. In fact get two as you’ll soon wear out one!

I have been very inspired by this book and will be blogging specific recipes I make using the ideas I have gleaned. Suitably frugalised of course!

Yesterday evening, NH fancied a sticky toffee pudding. As I was starting to feel pretty grot by then, he got me to look up how to make it so he could have a go. I found a Nigella recipe that makes it in the style of the self saucing puddings. It was very yum, so I’ll be blogging about that soon, along with the many variations that I was musing on whilst laying on the sofa.

DGD generously shared her germs on Monday amd Tuesday and I am in the first throes of a cold today. I cancelled my regular Friday coffee morning and a lunch out today so I didn’t infect people. I’m flagging now and will be going for a laydown on the sofa in a bit where I shall lay and feel sorry for myself.

Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee, I hope I didn’t pass it on to her. I would have postponed if I realised that I was infectious. Just before we left the coffee shop, she gave me this great necklace. It’s perfect for me, good length and just my colour. It came in the fabulous pink pocket. I may keep it as it is so fabulous, or I may pass it on to a certain little pink princess to keep treasures in.




  1. Lesley

    My Captcha was updated 4 days ago and seems to be causing problems. Here is a comment that Anne tried to add

    “I hope you are feeling better today. Just borrowed Hugh’s book from the library and made the berry frozen yogurt with yogurt leftover from your cheesecakes and some strawberries I froze (I would usually throw dodgy strawberries away) plus a few bought frozen berries. It was delicious; especially with a spoon or two of your cheesecake mix on top. I need to find my calculator though, as Hugh’s leftovers are often larger portions than I would buy fresh. I’m looking forward to trying some of your more frugal versions.”

  2. Joy

    Ooooh – I want it!

  3. Janie

    Hope you soon feel better, have had my cold for the year urgh! Love the necklace Lesley and definitely think it would be perfect for a pink princess.

  4. Jo

    Get well soon : )

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