Wedding invitations, jaunts out, and what to plant next

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Wedding invitations, jaunts out, and what to plant next



imageSpent the day in Bexhill today with DD2. We did quite a bit towards the wedding invitations. Have I said that we are making them ourselves? The theme colour is purple, so we have fashioned a purple pouch from card, and into that is going several items…the wedding breakfast menu, directions to the venue, the actual invitation, a little poem, local b+b’s etc etc, all tied up with purple ribbon and posted in an A5 envelope. When I went to a recent WI craft meeting, the hostess had all kinds of kit, including something called a Cuttlebug with which you can do all kinds of embossing, on all kinds of things, leather, card, paper and tissue paper. So I asked if I could borrow it and embossed the tissue going on the front like this. It came out lovely. I’ll show you the finished article when it is all done, it’s going to look great.

Then we went out for a tour of the charity shops and a spot of lunch. Didn’t find anything we wanted in the shops, but noticed how relatively expensive many things are in them now. There was a handbag DD2 admired that was £15, it wasn’t that special! DD2 goes to the massive car boot sale in Polegate most Sundays and finds all kinds of bargains there, including black trousers for work at a miserly £1 a pair, and some of those large garden candles for just 10p each. Hardly seems the work of getting them there does it?

After our charity shop stroll, we went to a very nice Italian for a pizza.

Accumulated steps on our toddle round the town, useful. Then went back to hers and she showed me some phone video of her nearly 2 year old grandson playing with a vacuum cleaner. He was generally mucking about with it then suddenly, within the space of a second or two, he stuck his tongue down the pipe, and pulled it out again! Eek, boys! This was apparently hugely hilarious and he fell about laughing.

Wasn’t very hungry this evening after my pizza and just had a little. Wonder if my mega low calorie day yesterday contributed to that?

Off out on another jaunt soon..I know, I have such a tough life. The WI gardening group have organised a trip to Mottisfont Abbey. We will be picking up the coach at 8:50am and spending all day there. It should be a great day out, there is supposed to be lots to see, and the weather should be good too with any luck. I AM enjoying all this glorious sunshine we have been having in this part of the world.

I am currently trying to work out how to maximise my little bit of growing space. So I am looking up things to work out timings so as soon as one crop comes out, I will have another to fill the space. It’s quite complicated and a bit like a jigsaw. Do you have things you do like that?

I recently put some radishes in the garden, and yet again, they were really holey where the slugs attacked them. So this evening, I put some in a deep greenhouse tray. I have no idea if it will be too hot for them in there now, but I will give it a go as the last lot I grew that way were so good.

The tomatoes are setting fruit all over the place, looks like we’ll get a good crop from them. The courgette are just starting to produce, and the lettuce are growing leaves as fast as I can eat them, so all systems go.



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