Time for a catch up

Oct 16, 2017 | 2 comments


We’ve had a few recipes, so maybe time for a catch up.

As you know, I went to a bloggers event recently. I belong to the UK Money Bloggers and what an inspiring bunch of people they are.

UK Money Bloggers

I have a long list of things to do now! I am currently learning how to do Pinterest more effectively. I’ve learned how to do Rich Pins like this one, which means that the Pin shows bits of the recipe within Pinterest. I have to setup the post using special code to do it. It took a bit of twiddling and fiddling, but I’ve worked it out now. For each recipe post, I’ll need to repeat the process and I’m sure I’ll get much quicker at it.

I’ve also joined the Pinterest board set up for UK Money Bloggers, and what a fantastic resource that is as bloggers throughout the group post Pins full of fantastic content. Do have a look if you can.

As well as Pinterest, I’ve changed the Facebook page to a group so that we can all talk to each other better. I’m very excited that we’re over 2000 members now and discussions are starting to happen. If you’re not a member already, it would be lovely to see you over there, come and say hello


Skies Today

Storm Ophelia

Storm Ophelia is causing skies a most peculiar colour today. All day the sky has been an orangey colour and looking heavy enough for snow. Here in the south east we’ve not had any wind to speak of, lucky for us.  But I’ve been half expecting something dire to happen weather wise all day because of that strange sky.


Cup of coffee

I’ve been experiencing the most horrendous insomnia over the last couple of months. I go to bed as normal, but just can’t drop off, so I get up after a couple of hours and read, and generally go back to bed at about 5am. Sometimes I’ll get an hours sleep, maybe two, sometimes none at all. For the first 5 days of this week I’ve barely slept at all. I was at a loss as to why this was happening. I’m sensitive to caffeine which will give me a migraine, so I only have decaf tea and coffee. I meet a big group of friends for coffee on a Friday morning and as I was talking to one of them about it, we both realised that decaf does not mean caffeine free. So I’ve cut out decaf, and hooflippingray, a good nights sleep last night. What a relief, I practically sprang out of bed this morning!

I don’t have many hot drinks during the summer, so have only recently started having decaf tea and coffee again, as the weather cooled. I’m currently desperate for a cup of tea, but not prepared to pay the price of a nights sleep!



  1. Lesley

    I do have fruit teas etc, but I can’t say I like them much. I’ve tried chamomile too, didn’t like that either!

  2. Marisa

    I believe Chamamile tea has no Caffeine. Maybe give that a go?

    Glad you are sleeping.

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