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101 ideas for dinners. Most are fairly easy, all are very inexpensive, and everything is something I’ve made and eaten for dinner. Hope you find something useful.


roast pumpkin tart in clear plastic lunchbox, resting on the lid. All on a green tea towel
Chicken with butternut squash and pesto tart
a whole chicken and some vegetables covered with water in a large pot.
How to poach a chicken and make it last the family a whole week
a rubber chicken for cheap family recipes
How to stretch a chicken to last the whole week
chicken and chorizo casserole in a black cast iron dish. The lid is propped on top and there is a great checked tea towel underneath.
Chicken and Chorizo Casserole
Sicilian pasta in a blue bowl, with white handled cutlery, on a blue napkin and a pink napkin.
Sicilian Spaghetti Recipe with chicken, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, raisins and almonds
brown rice and chicken salad in a mustard coloured flat profile bowl, with a mustard coloured handle fork in one side.
Brown Rice Chicken Salad
chicken and mushroom crumble in a white dish.
Chicken and Mushroom Crumble
aubergine & tomato ragu on a blue patterned plate, with a piece of focaccia on the side.
Aubergine Ragu - Eggplant Ragu - Melanzane a Funghetto
swede gratin in a beige pottery dish with a serving spoon
Swede Mash (Rutabaga) with ginger, nutmeg and a little cream
wild garlic pesto in a glass jar, on a wooden board, with a spoon
Wild Garlic Pesto
a slice of vegetable roulade
Mixed Vegetable Roulade
smoked mackerel pate on 3 small slices of sourdough, on a white plate, with quartered tomato
Mackerel Pâté & Crudités
an individual mixed vegetable quiche
Mixed vegetable quiche
Slice of toast with chicken and sun dried tomato paste, and cucumber slices, on a white plate
Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Sandwich Paste
Spicy Red Lentil Soup in a white bowl
Spicy red lentil soup- Stretch A Chicken (7)
Chicken & Onion Pasta Bake
Spicy Chicken Pasta Bake - Stretch A Chicken (4)
Chicken Pizza - fresh from the oven
Chicken Pizza with onions and peppers - Stretch A Chicken (3)
chicken & sweetcorn recipe - tart, cooked
Chicken & Sweetcorn Recipe for a tart - Stretch A Chicken (5)
leftover chicken risotto in a blue bowl
Chicken and Vegetable Risotto (no wine) - Stretch A Chicken (2)
Vegan couscous salad on a plate, with black olives in a glass bowl
Vegan Couscous Salad
leek crumble - on plate
Leek Crumble, with fresh and dried cranberries, and walnuts
pasta with soft cheese, tomato and olives
Pasta with Olives, Tomato & Soft Cheese
simple red lentil tomato dahl in a mustard coloured dish
Simple Vegan Red Lentil Tomato Dahl
couscous salad
Salted Cashew Vegan Couscous Salad - warm or cold
Soufflé Croûton Slice
Soufflé Croûton Slice
Barley, mushroom and spinach risotto
Barley, Mushroom & Spinach Risotto
cream cheese pizza on a blue speckled plate
Cream Cheese Pizza
pan fried falafel and carrot salad
Falafel with carrot salad
broccoli pesto - in dish
Vegan Broccoli Pesto
peaut oatcakes - on a plate with onion and peas
Peanut Oat Cakes with Roasted Onions and Green Pea Hummus
Vegan sweetcorn fritters, with peas, oven wedges and ketchup, on a glass plate
Sweetcorn fritters, wedges & peas
close up of chickpea crumble, on a plate, with sides
Chickpea Crumble
chole masala and nan bread
Chole Masala & Nan
honey soy chicken drumsticks or thighs, close up, on a plate with a blue patterned rim
Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs
The finished recipe, with parmesan
Spiced lentil balls
close up of a whole BBQ pizza
BBQ Pizza - Stretch A Chicken (6)
An Indian carrot recipe
Spiced Carrot Tart
curry base
An everyday curry base
cheese and onion tart on plate
Cheese and Onion Tart
crispy topped miso vegetables
Crispy Topped Miso Vegetables
bacon and leek pie
Bacon and leek pie
pea tart
Pea Tart
cooked brussel sprouts
Christmas Leftovers - part 6. Ten ways to use up that surplus bag of Brussels sprouts lurking in the fridge
falafel with hummus
Falafel & Sun Dried Tomato Hummus
broccoli and almond stuffed pancakes
Broccoli and Almond Stuffed Pancakes
red pepper and onion loaf
Red Pepper & Onion Loaf
Cabbage, sultana and nut pasta bake
my meal plan for week 10th August 2020
Cheesy Jacket Potatoes
Cheesy Jacket Potatoes
Punjabi Cabbage
Punjabi Cabbage
bean burgers
my meal plan for week 3rd August 2020
olive oil in a jug
my meal plan for week 20Jul20
home made pitta bread
Home Made Pitta Bread
brazil nuts
my meal plan for week 20Jul20
puchka tart
Puchka tart. What's that? Complete deliciousness on a plate, that's what
Peanut noodles
Peanut Butter Noodles. Add chicken or fish, or keep it vegan
Faggots and gravy
bacon and sweetcorn pie -on a plate, close up, with peas
Bacon & Sweetcorn Pie
onion bhajis
Onion Bhajis
bean burgers
Bean Burgers
101 pancakes
Pancakes and not quite 101 ideas, sweet and savoury to fill them
Hazelnut Butter & Vegetable Bake
Hazelnut Butter Vegetable Bake - GF, DF & Vegan
butternut squash, coconut and ginger soup
Butternut Squash, Ginger & Coconut Soup - GF, NF, DF & Vegan
red pepper tart
Red Pepper & Walnut Tart with Winter Coleslaw
roasted squash and feta
3 Course Celebration Menu's to enjoy with your best beloved for Less Than A Quid Each!
an autumn panzanella
An Autumn Panzanella
summer tomatoes in a vegan panzanella
Panzanella with lovely sun ripened tomatoes.
celery, swede and chickpea bake
A Vegan Vegetable Bake - Celery, Swede & Chickpea
chickpea, mango and coconut curry
A gorgeous Chickpea, Mango and Coconut Curry
spicy vegetable fritters, a very cheap family meal
Vegetable Fritters
green pea hummus lasagna for a budget dinner
Green Pea Hummus Lasagna
Beetroot ragu lasagna
A Month of Low Syn Budget Meals. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, the lot
vegan savoury cake
Vegan Savoury Loaf Cake
bacon, olive and cheese loaf for a cheap family meal
Bacon, Olive and Cheese Loaf Cake
beetroot lasagna - vegetable lasagna
Beetroot Ragu Lasagna
side dishes
Something different to do as side dishes with everyday vegetables
vegetable lasagna, a tomato one
Tomato Lasagna
Lentil Ragu Lasagna
I say Lasagna you say Lasagne
Mushroom lasagna for a budget family meal
Mushroom Ragu Lasagna
red lentil ragu lasagna for a budget dinner
Lentil Ragu Lasagna
Black olive and tomato tapenade tart
Vegan Valentine Meal
veggie nut balls - with pasta, peas and parmesan
Lovely veggie Nut balls in a tomato sauce
cabbage, sultana and nut pasta bake in a ceramic dish
Cabbage, sultana and nut pasta bake
lentil ragu with spaghetti in a white bowl
Lentil ragu with spaghetti
tomato bacon pasta in a brown dish with a spoon
Bacony tomatoey pasta
vegan crumble
Vegetarian Christmas Meal Plan - Vegan Walnut and Chestnut Crumble
tomato stewed cauliflower a traditional Greek food.
Kounoupithi Yiahni or Tomato Stewed Cauliflower. A traditional Greek food
Cauliflower fritters a traditional Greek recipe
Kounoupidi tiganitó or Greek Fried Cauliflower
jacket potato
Jacket Potato Fillings
oven baked frittata
Oven Baked Frittata. Takes literally 2 minutes to make, then just bung it in the oven
coins for extremely cheap meals
Do you need, or want, extremely cheap meals, to eat for 50p a day for a bit, or even longer?
Busy, busy, busy, plus a long lasting Tzatziki. Make a sandwich with it for lunch, with lettuce, for 14p
green lentil salad
Green lentil, mushroom, raisin and cucumber salad, with a brinjal pickle and yoghurt dressing
carbonara sauce recipe
Spaghetti Carbonara - 41p a portion
pork meatballs
Pork meatballs with added veg and barley
how to make soup
Basics ....... How To Make Soup
Lentil nut loaf vegan, versatile & rather delicious
vegetable and hummus pie
Vegetable and hummus pie
salmon fish cake
Things You May Never Need To Buy Again - Fish Cakes
homemade pesto
Things You May Never Need To Buy Again - Pesto
Pasta sauce
Things You May Never Need To Buy Again - Pasta Sauce
Gajar Matar
Gajar Matar. Everyday vegetables wearing a sari
Sweet bean curry
Something I've been making for decades - Sweet Bean Curry
Bean and Quinoa Herby Salad
Bean and Quinoa, Lemon and Herb Salad
Chicken, quinoa and apple burgers
Chicken, Quinoa and Apple Burgers
Stuffed potato cakes
Stuffed potato cakes
Chicken and leek crumble
Chicken and leek crumble
Barley salad
Barley Salad, 59p. Versatile, delicious and very easy to make
Creamy Walnut pasta
Creamy Walnut pasta sauce - LCHF if you want it to be
Spinach and risotto pasta
Spinach and ricotta pasta
Mulligatawny soup
A main course soup - mulligatawny, 46p a big bowl
Pad Thai
A gorgeous home made Pad Thai
Paneer Curry
Paneer curry, using lovely home made paneer. 34p each and Yummy!
Sag aloo
A delicious Sag Aloo that really hits the spot.
Chow Mein
Chow mein - just like the takeaway?
Rocket, watercress, basil and sunflower seed pesto. Nut and gluten free
Sage leaves
Sage, lemon and pumpkin seed pesto £2.99 for a huge jar
Mixed veg dauphinoise
Mixed vegetable dauphinoise for dinner, 47p
Insomnia, a good read and Halloumi for dinner
Home made sausage patties
Home made sausages
Beetroot burgers
Beetroot burgers, 41p
Tuna fish cakes
Sardine and Tomato Fish Cakes, and Tuna Fish Cakes
pea crumb fritter
A kitchen experiment, Pea-Crumb Fritters, 6p
Carrot falafel
Raw chickpea carrot falafel, 15p. Delicious, with sweet variations too
Goan Fish Curry
Goan Fish Curry, made with chicken, 56p. Plus the original fish recipe
Cook book
Fiery Potatoes, spicy and delicious
Roquefort tart
Use it up meals, Roquefort tart, split pea soup. Soup just 13p
Fishless kedgeree, 64p, or use it as vegetable rice, 25p
Using breadcrumbs for dinner
Spanish omelette
Spanish Omelette 46p, we had ours with sweet potato chips and kale crisps
Fish Pie, on a budget
Meal plan 10 - Pea fritters and chips, vegan
salmon fish cake
5:2 Salmon Fish Cakes, 39p a serving
Home grown pumpkin curry, 77p if you buy it all
Veggie Lasagna 43p a serving - Meal Plan 10
Herby omelette
Herby Omelette, chips and peas 31p - Meal Plan 10
green tomato curry
Green Tomato Curry, vegan and using up LOADS of what I have
Cashew chicken
Cashew Chicken, 89p a serving, and how to stay on track
Cheesy Bean Lasagna, based on a SW recipe, 60p a servi g
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, Ham and Cheese Pancakes, 23p
Pasta & Tomato Sauce, Meal Plan 9, 33p
Aldi Pizza & Chips - Meal Plan 9, 60p each
Deli Platter - Meal Plan 9, 64p
A frugalised version of a Slimming World Pastitisio, 56p
a pile of grated white cabbage
Cheese and potato salad with coleslaw - No Power Plan
raw carrots in a pile
Haslet & crudités, No Power Meal Plan
Quinoa burger
Now we're talking! An extremely yummy quinoa burger version, and some raspberry muffins
Protein packed Quinoa burgers, 32p for a 2 burger portion
hole 3
Roasted Vegetables in the Hole, 43p
tuna and onion pie
Tuna and onion pie, Meal Plan 9, 24p a serving, with sides
A simple Chicken Stir Fry, Meal Plan 8, 81p a serving
Melanzane parmigiana
Melanzane parmigiana, 67p a serving
walnut pasta
Salsa di Noci e Pasta - walnut sauce & pasta
Spring green pasta
Yummy, filling and generous portions of Spring green pasta sauce with parmesan, 51p a head
Happy Easter
Transform tomato cannon balls to taste bomb tomatoes
Oaty fritters, veg, yogurt & chilli
Meal plan 8 - Oaty fritters, veg, chilli & yogort
2 sandwiches, 2 toasty breakfasts and 2 pasta dinners from 1 tin of sardines. Just 83p for all 6 meals!!
Meal Plan 8 - Chicken and veg with a coconut & peanut butter sauce 45p each
spinach and coconut dahl
Spinach & Coconut Dahl
Individual lunchtime pies, a bargainous 20p each. Won't get these in Greggs 🙂
Meal Plan 3 - Farl (made with dried spud) with sauted veg and salami or chorizo, 39p
Meal Plan 8 - Chicken & Dumplings 37p
Haggis Lasagna
Meal Plan 8 - Lentil salad with soy, 24p
Working up Meal Plan 8 and Haggis & ideas on using it on £1 a day
Cheese and onion roly poly, 57p/38p a portion
Finger Dumplings, delicious little butter crisped fingers. Very versatile, savoury or sweet.
silver spoon
Christmas Meal Plan - Gnocchi, pork bits and stuffing, 36p a serving
Stilton Quiche with Red Cabbage Coleslaw, 39p
Christmas Meal Plan Leftovers - Pork, Apple & Stuffing Lasagna, 26p a portion
Christmas Meal Plan - HM pasta, cream, mixed veg, mustard 30p
pork shoulder
Christmas Meal Plan - Roast Pork Lunch, 84p
Lamb ragu 2 - Moussaka 92p a portion
lamb mince
Lamb ragu. One third used here for shepherds pie, 74p + how to stay on budget for the day
A main course soup, based on Scotch Broth. About 47p for my unreproducible version
Crumpets and pikelets, savoury and sweet
Home made herby chicken goujons, mash and peas, 97p. Plus how to stay on budget for the day
Roast Parsnip & Apple Salad, with Carrot, Raisin & Peanut Salad and Jacket Potato, total of 54p each
Green lentil cottage pie, 4 very generous portions, 56p each
scone based pizza
Meal Plan 7 - Scone Based Pizza
Chicken & Vegetable Tart, delicious hot or cold
Meal Plan 7 - Lasagna, 62p a serving, 31p if you stretch it to 4
Asda Soft cheese
Meal Plan 7 - casserole of bacon, veg, toms & soft cheese, 45p a serving
Meal plan 7 - Beef Ragu for 3 different dishes
smoked salmon
Farewell CFR, Smoked Salmon Pasta, 42p per serving
Broad bean, pea and mint risotto, 53p
Butter bean, pepper and carrot salad, with a lemon juice and coconut dressing, 84p
balti spring green pancakes
Balti spring green pancakes for dinner, and one left over for breakfast
Mango, coconut and feta pasta
Green Thai Kidney Bean Curry, 59p
chicken crumble
Leftover chicken and vegetable crumble
chilled radish soup
Novel uses for radishes
Lentil Dumplings, with Tomato Sauce, 20-30p a serving, + green vegetable
Rubber Chicken (2) Chicken & Onion Pie, 26p a portion. Spicy lentil soup, 18p
feta stuffed peppers
Aldi Bargains (3) Feta Stuffed Peppers 64p
Aldi Bargains (2) Mushroom Stroganoff, 70p
Aldi bargains (1) Peperonata, 53p
Asparagus risotto
Asparagus and Pea Risotto, £1.06 a portion, or frugalised to 75p
Heart & Soul and lots of meat
Fritters, Soup, Gloves and Karen Millen
Spaghetti Bolognese made with an Italian recipe, just 41p
Liver and Onions, mash, carrots and peas, 66p a serving
Avocado, Tomato & Orange Salad, 62p
anchovy pizza
Demo's and anchovy pizza, 39p
Soy honey and sesame chicken
Chicken, Soy, Honey and Sesame with Rice
Anchovy Paste
Anchovy Paste - do you like it, what do you do with it?
Egg, Bacon & Asparagus Salad
Stunning 3 Course Valentines Day Dinner, £1.84 a head
Dahl Sambar 31p a portion, diet ideas, progress today & other kitchen happenings
beef pasta bake
12 portions of minced beef pasta bake, 34p each
Lemon Dahl from 18p to 24p depending on if you use value or basmati rice
Coconut Dahl, from 17p to 23p a portion depending on if you use value or basmati rice
Spicy chickpeas
Toasted Nan & Dahl, 38p a portion
pasta with tomato puree and soft cheese in a shallow duck egg blue coloured bowl.
Pasta, soft cheese and tomato purée, 25p a portion
baked potato
Potato and Onion Layer
Gigantes Plaki and pitta
Butter Bean and Vegetable Curry
Spring Green Pesto
stuffed pancakes
Spinach Stuffed Pancakes with Tomato Sauce & Cheese 51p
Gnocchi made with dried mash! Served with tomato sauce
carrot tied to a tree
Carrot Hummus, creamy with tahini
corned beef hash
Corned Beef Hash
corned beef pie
Corned Beef & Mushroom Pie
Sunday Lunch with no meat
Meatless Sunday Lunch
32cm pizza
Pizza, 32cm, chorizo and roasted vegetable
chorizo in flatbread
Chorizo, chickpea and tomato in a flatbread, 47p a serving
flat bread
Flatbreads, less than 2p each. Versatile and very yummy
stuffed pancakes
Pancakes filled with Carrots, Onions and Peas in Soft Cheese
Olive drop scone, crispy fried onion, carrot ribbon salad
Olive Drop Scones, Crispy Fried Onions & Carrot Ribbon Salad
Spinach Dumplings
Spinach Dumplings with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Stir fry
Vegetable Stir Fry, 51p a serving
cauliflower leaves pesto in a small transparent plastic pot
Cauliflower Leaves Pesto
Olive Drop Scones, Garlicky Soft Cheese, 28p a serving
garlicky soft cheese on a pice of baguette on a white and blue plate.
Variations on a Soft Cheese theme, from 18p sandwiches to 25p dinners
Mackerel Fillet
Mackerel Kedgeree, 43p a serving
mackerel and beetroot salad
Smoked Mackerel and Roasted Beetroot Salad, 47p a serving
Mackerel Pate
Mackerel Pate & Pasta - 45p a serving
courgette pasta
Courgette Pasta
a close up shot of a beetroot and feta tart.
Beetroot & Feta Tart. As good cold in a packed lunch as it is hot for dinner
Spaghetti with Beef & Tomato Pasta Sauce - 29p a portion
Stuffed Beefsteak Tomato 51p each
Spicy Cabbage, Lentils & Nan
Spicy Cabbage, Lentils & Nan
Vegetable Casserole & Dumplings
vegetable crumble in a white dish, with tomatoes in the background
Vegetable Crumble. Root veg in a tomato sauce, topped with oats, cheese and salted peanuts



lots of ideas for budget dinners


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  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    A lovely variety of meals, with five of us J try to budget shop but we still waste alot of food as I over portion, and need to start meal planning xx

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