3 Course Celebration Menu’s to enjoy with your best beloved for Less Than A Quid Each!

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There was recently a competition exclusively on the Facebook Group. The competition was to create a 3 course celebration meal for 2 people at 80p a head. This proved to be even more challenging than I anticipated, even for our very talented membership, as only 3 people put an entry in. So a loud round of applause for those people, each of whom have created a very nice sounding menu.

I’ve added a couple of options from the archives too. This all means we now have several choices for a special meal, for whatever reason, without breaking the bank, and even being able to stay in £1 a day budget. I say that’s pretty much a Result!

by Ana-Maria Dumitriv

Starter – Butternut squash soup with crispy onion topping

Butternut squash roughly £1
half an onion 5p
chilli flakes 2p
smoked paprika 2p
basil 5p
veg stock cube and 600ml water 3p
black pepper 2p.

£1.20 total makes 4 portions at 30p each

Main – Spaghetti carbonara

1/4 pack spaghetti 5p
3 egg yolks 12p
chunk of cooking bacon 10p
handful baby spinach 10p
oil 2p

Makes 2 portions at 20.5p each

Pudding – Chocolate mousse

3 egg whites 12p 50g
(1/2 pack) dark chocolate 15p
Tsp lemon juice 5p
2 heaped tbsp Sugar 5p

Makes 2 portions at 16.5p each

3 meal course for 67p a head. All prices are Asda online

by Karen Thomas – the Winning entry

Starter – Roasted squash and feta

roasted squash and feta

Aldi Squash 49p for 1.2 kg 12p @ Aldi
Feta @ 95p 15p @ 15g
Seasoning and pomegranate molasses drizzle @ 2p

Main – Leek and pea risotto with Basa

leek and pea risotto with basa

Tesco Leek 250g for 50p 50g @ 10p
Risotto rice 1.19 for 500g 24p @ 100g
Basa @ 2.00 32p per 50g
Frozen peas 62p per 900g 80g @ 6p
Veg stock homemade 0
Oil and seasonings 2p

Dessert – Berried Meringues

meringue, cream and berries

Aldi Meringue nest 89p for 8 2 @ 23p
Double cream 300ml 89p 50ml @ 14p
Frozen fruit 1 49p 500g 50g @15 p

Starter 32p Main 74p Dessert 52p Total £1.58p plus 2p for other seasonings, 80p per person

by Mary Gardner

Starter – Pate & Crackers

3 courses

Sardines, 0.34 used 2/3
lemon juice 0.22
Black pepper 0.02
Crackers 0.06 0.30

Main – Gammon, Pineapple, Egg and Veg

gammon and pineapple

Gammon 0.40
Pineapple 0.20
Potato 250g 0.10
Peas 100g 0.06
Tomato 0.10
Eggs 0.16
Seasoning 0.02 1.04

Pudding, Peaches, Berries & Cream

fruit and cream

Peaches 33p div 6 0.11
Cream Tin blitzed rice pudding 20p used quarter 0.05
Berries picked out of kg bag. 0.08 0.24
Total £1.58, 79p per person

3 courses



From the Archives

I decided to have a look too as the challenge had proved difficult and I’ve found this menu using items from the archives. It comes in at around 78p. Would probably be cheaper as you wouldn’t want the full dauphinoise with the other 2 courses

Starter – mixed vegetable hummus with little breads

A tablespoon each of Pea hummus, Sweetcorn hummus and Parsnip hummus with a penny wrap made into small rounds the size of wine glass tops, or made into heart shapes. 11p each

A Trio of Vegetable Hummus

Another Trio of Vegetable Hummus – Beetroot, Parsnip and Swede

Flowers blooming in the garden and wraps made with dough that’s been in the fridge for several days


Mains – a mixed vegetable dauphinoise

Mixed vegetable dauphinoise for dinner, 47p

this is a large main course, so you probably won’t need this much in a 3 course menu


Pudding – self saucing chocolate pudding

Old fashioned self saucing chocolate pudding. Quick and easy, no complicated method, and a mere 20p a serving


And here’s a 2nd one from the archives

Starter – Cipolline in Sweet & Sour Sauce

Onions in a sweet and sour sauce, with some fresh crusty bread to mop up the sauce

Cipolline in Agrodolce (Onions in Sweet and Sour Sauce)

Mains – Cabbage, Sultana & Nut Pasta Bake

This pasta bake is very filling, so to fit in with our 80p budget, I’d serve just a little less of it than usual

Cabbage, sultana and nut pasta bake

Pudding – A Warm Chocolate Brownie, with a trickle of Double Cream

Arguably the best chocolate brownies – Ever!

So there we have it, several options for a really nice 3 course dinner with someone special, without spending masses. I do hope you like these special menus, and if you come up with one, let us know!



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