Pancakes and not quite 101 ideas, sweet and savoury to fill them

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It’s Shrove Tuesday next week, the traditional day to use up everything that’s left before the arrival of Lent. Pancakes are one of those lovely things that can be paired with all manner of other things to make something delicious.

If you have the minimum of resources, you can make pancakes successfully with just flour and water. Lots of ideas for fillings in the pancake day recipe from last year. They need to be eaten straight away as they go a bit soggy if they are left to be reheated, but eaten fresh, I couldn’t tell the difference. Make your pancakes the usual way with eggs, flour and milk, and they will freeze beautifully, or keep in the fridge for a few days.

101 pancakes

101 Ideas for pancakes

Here are a few more ideas for fillings, savoury and sweet. They are just a few from a cutting of 101 ideas that I’ve had for years and years.

They use 125g flour, 1 egg, 300ml milk and water mixed to make 8 pancakes. The calorie counts come from the magazine and I thought they might be useful, I haven’t checked them.

1. Sweetcorn and pepper.

Mix a tin of drained sweetcorn with 2 diced peppers and 150g natural yogurt. Season to taste and add 2 tblsp peanuts if liked. 145 calories a pancake.

2. Curried cauliflower and almond .

Dress florets of a cooked cauliflower with 2 tblsp lemon juice and a pinch of curry powder. Swirl with 150g natural yogurt or single cream and mix in 50g flaked almonds, toasted if you can. Season well. 150 calories


3. Sweet and sour vegetables.

Stir fry 500g of crisp veg such as celery, cauliflower, bean shoots and red peppers. Add 2 tblsp wine vinegar to the pan, a tsp of sugar or honey, 2 tblsp soy sauce, a handful of sultanas and 50g toasted cashew nuts. 150 calories

4. Artichoke hearts, lettuce and mushroom.

Mix a drained 425g artichoke hearts with shredded crisp lettuce and 125g sauted button mushrooms. Moisten with 3tblsp cream and flavour with lemon juice and chopped parsley. Serve pancakes with 150ml hollandaise. 180 calories

5. Creamy roots.

Peel and slice 500g root veg, carrots, parsnips etc. Cook in a splash of water with 50g butter. Season well and flavour with mixed herbs. Stir in 2 tblsp cream or curd cheese. 145 calories

6. Brown onion.

Peel and slice 500g onions. Sauté in 25g butter and 1 tblsp oil until golden brown. Stir in 2tblsp dry sherry and cook until any liquid has evaporated. Make 300ml white sauce flavoured with nutmeg. Top the pancakes with a little sprinkle of grated cheese. The sherry sounds good so I have included it here, although it would be just as good without. 185 calories



7. Creamy leek and bacon.

Slice 500g leeks and cook briefly. Mix with cubes of cooked bacon and 300ml well seasoned white sauce. 215 calories

8. Sausage and apple.

Mix 8 grilled and chopped frankfurter sausages with chunks of 2 tart apples and 2 tblsp chopped spring onions. Moisten with soured cream and a little mustard. 190 calories

9. Chicken liver.

Stir fry 250g sliced chicken livers with 500g sliced onions. Add a can of tomatoes, a tsp of mixed herbs, season and serve with natural yogort.

10. Creamy corn and crab or tuna.

Mix a 200g can of creamed corn with a 200g can of drained crab or tuna. Add cream or yogurt to moisten and a dash of hot pepper sauce. 150 calories


11. Chicken and mushroom.

Lightly fry 125g chopped mushrooms with a small finely chopped onion and a grated carrot in 2 tblsp oil. Mix in 250g chopped cooked chicken. Season well, add 1 tblsp Worcestershire sauce. Make up a white sauce with 600ml milk, 49g each butter and flour, then mix 4 tblsp into the chicken. Fill pancakes and fold. Spoon rest of sauce on top, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and grill until golden brown. 280 calories

12. Smoked mackerel.

Flake 375g smoked mackerel and mix with 150g natural yogurt and a tsp of horseradish. 210 calories. Think I would prefer soft cheese with this, rather than yogurt

13. Sardine and tomato.

Drain a can of sardines and mash the flesh. Mix with 2 chopped tomatoes, 3 tblsp salad cream and 2 chopped hard boiled eggs. Reheat or serve cold. 160 calories. This is an old article and I would use mayo rather than salad cream. But then I don’t like salad cream. Plus, I always use sardines in tomato sauce, so wouldn’t necessarily have extra tomatoes.

14. Spinach and herby cheese.

Drain half a small tin of spinach, or use the equivalent of frozen. Make up to 300ml with milk then yes as the basic pancake batter. Serve hot spread with soft cheese mixed with a title garlic, or use Boursin. 160 calories

15. Turkey and cranberry.

Stir fry 375g diced turkey with a finely chopped onion. Add 2 tblsp cranberry sauce and seasoning. Serve with dollops soured cream. 130 calories

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16. Red Pepper and Walnut

Use the topping of this tart inside your pancakes

Red Pepper & Walnut Tart with Winter Coleslaw

17. Roasted Squash & Feta

3 Course Celebration Menu’s to enjoy with your best beloved for Less Than A Quid Each!

18. Celery, Swede & Chickpea

Use this in your pancakes, perhaps topped with cheese

A Vegan Vegetable Bake – Celery, Swede & Chickpea


19. Chickpea, Mango & Coconut

This curry would be fab as a pancake filling

A gorgeous Chickpea, Mango and Coconut Curry



20. Tomato and Almond

This pate would work beautifully as a pancake stuffing

Tomato & Almond Patè

21. Beetroot Ragu

Any of the ragu used as an alternative lasagne layer would work just as well in a pancake

Beetroot Ragu Lasagna


22. Carrot & Swede

I would mix some cheese in with the vegetable mash, or top the pancakes with grated cheese

Something different to do as side dishes with everyday vegetables


23. Mushroom Ragu

Use just the ragu layer inside your pancake. Top with cheese if you like

Mushroom Ragu Lasagna


24. Lentil Ragu

Use just the ragu layer inside your pancake. Top with cheese if you like

Lentil Ragu Lasagna


25. Lentil Pate

Lentil Pate

Sweet Ideas

1. Cherry spice.

Drain the juice from 2 x 425g cans, or equivalent bottled cherries. Heat the juice with 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1 tbslp brandy. Thicken with a little cornflour, then stir in the cherries and heat through. Serve with a little cream poured over. 135 calories. I think I would prefer this without the cinnamon, and of course, the brandy is optional.



2. Ginger and strawberry cream.

Whip 300ml double cream until soft peaks. Fold in 150g strawberry yogurt and 50g grated crystallised ginger. Sweeten to taste. 180 calories

3. Crepes georgette.

Stir a can of chopped and drained pineapple into 300ml sweetened vanilla flavoured whipped cream. Fill into pancakes, fold or roll up then flambé with 2-3 tblsp warm rum

4. Maple syrup.

Simply fold hot pancakes into quarters and trickle over maple syrup. Serve with whipped cream. 220 calories

maple syrup


5. Pancake eclairs.

Roll up pancakes with sweetened whipped cream and brandy inside. Stack and pour over a chocolate sauce made by melting a 100g bar over a pan of hot water and thinned down with a little liquer of any flavour, or a little milk. Milk, white and dark chocolate bars would all give their different flavours. 310 calories

6. Plum and marzipan.

Stone and quarter 8 fresh plums. Place on pancakes and grate over some marzipan. Fold up and re heat in a warm oven, covered, for a few minutes. Serve with cream and toasted almonds. 290 calories

7. Creamy dried fruit and hot lemon sauce.

Beat 250g curd cheese with some sultanas and chopped dates, to taste. Spread the filling over the pancakes. Dissolve 250g sugar in 300ml water and simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in the zest and juice of a lemon and thicken with a little cornflour. Spoon the sauce over the pancakes.

8. Caramel custard

Fill pancakes with 600ml cold, thick, custard and fold. Make caramel sauce by gently heating 75g soft brown sugar, 2 tblsp golden syrup, 25g butter and half a 170g evaporated milk. Do not boil. Pour over pancakes. 265 calories

9. Apple and blackberry

Cook 500g peeled and sliced apples with 250g blackberries. Sweeten to taste. Serve hot with custard or cream. 135 calories. Got any blackberries in the freezer?



10. Syrup and raisin

Gently heat 2 tblsp golden syrup with 165g raisins and the juice of half a lemon. Pour over pancakes. 269 calories. I would add the zest of the half lemon as well to this one

11. Chestnut cream

Whip 300ml double cream with 2 tblsp sugar until thickened. Beat half a 225g can of sweetened chestnut purée then fold into cream with 2 tblsp treated chocolate 290 calories

12. Mincemeat

Fill each pancake with a tblsp of mincemeat, some nuts, if liked, and a little chopped apple. Fry pancake parcels gently in a large pan with a little butter. Serve hot with whipped cream or brandy butter 340 calories

13. Prune and walnut

Gently stew about 250g soaked dried pitted prunes. Purée with a little of the soaking liquor. Sweeten if liked. Mix with 125g chopped walnuts and spoon onto pancakes 215 calories



14. Cottage cheese and raisin

Mix together 250g cottage cheese with sugar to taste, an egg and 50g raisins. Spread over pancakes and sprinkle with cinnamon 145 calories

15. Mango and strawberry

Peel and slice a fresh mango. Mix with 250g chopped strawberries. Spread pancakes with cream or curd cheese. 245 calories

16. Kiwi and Strawberry.

As above, replacing the mango with 3 peeled and sliced kiwi fruits. In place of cheese, trickle over some fruit flavoured yogurt. 240 calories

17. Gooseberry and cream cheese.

Spread pancakes with 250g sweetened curd or cream cheese. Spoon some cooked and sweetened gooseberries into the centre of each. 150 calories. Lots of other fruit compotes can be used here of course

18. Apple and sultana

Cook together 500g apples, 25g each of butter and sugar to form a thick purée. Mix in 125g sultanas. Use to fill pancakes together with 300ml whipped cream, if liked, and serve with apricot jam. 210 calories



So, there we have it. Lots of ideas, and I hope, some inspiration.

Not quite 101 ideas for pancakes



  1. Jaimie

    Caramelised onions would be lovely on pancakes, with a bit of brie or bacon too! These are some really nice ideas, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Glad that you posted again! I was getting concerned, and was hoping that nothing was wrong.

    Hope the family is well.

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