Haggis Lasagna

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Haggis Lasagna

Recipe today from the lovely Deborah who contacted Thrifty Lesley on Facebook with lots of ideas for haggis. This is one of them. Asda has 454g haggis for just £1.50 right now. So if you want it, now’s your chance.

This is Deborah’s recipe for Haggis Lasagne.
This feeds 8 easily so adjust quantities for less
1 large haggis (907g – feeds 4-5 on label)
3-4 dried or fresh lasagne sheets – I pre cook them though as not enough liquid in whole thing to cook.
3-4 ripe toms sliced
small portion of cheese sauce (save a small amount of grated cheese to sprinkle on top.
Preheat oven -180oC, 350oF, 160oC fan, gas 4
Cut open haggis and crumble with fingers. Scatter some over base of very lightly buttered/oiled dish.
Add cooked lasagne sheet then haggis layer, tomato layer, lasagne, haggis,lasagne. Add cheese sauce over final layer, lightly sprinkle with remaining cheese – bake uncovered for 40mins – small dish – 50-55min larger. Rest for 10mins before serving.

Thankyou Deborah, I shall be trying this sometime very soon 🙂

It is weigh in day today, Monday. Every week I weigh myself on a Monday and that is the official weight for that week. I weigh myself every morning too, and often at night as well, by we’ll gloss over that :). This morning I was 2.8lb lighter than I was last Monday. So a very successful dieting week. I’ve been up the gym this evening, 3 more sessions this week to go, and I hope to reduce by another lb or 2 next week. I’ll report back then. Having to report back will help me stay on the straight and narrow.

I was supposed to be doing a 5:2 fast day today, but didn’t manage it. So I calculated what I’d had, and did a 1700 calorie day instead. All grist to the mill



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