Meal plan 10 – Pea fritters and chips, vegan

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Had this for lunch today. It’s a dinner from Meal Plan 10.  I used a potato rather than frozen chips, as on the plan, as that is what I had. I chopped it up into chips, skin and all and dusted it with a pinch of garlic powder and tandoori spice, my favourite. You could do that to frozen chips too.


I added a little bit of chopped mint to the peas as I still have some in the garden. But I couldn’t taste it, so wish I had added more.

175g frozen peas, Asda 78p/kg, 14p
350g frozen chips, Asda 75p/1.5kg, 18p
50g self raising flour, value 45p/1.5kg, 2p
15ml veg oil, Asda £1.10/litre, 2p

Serves two, cost per portion 17p
per serving: 485 calories, 12g protein, 14g fat, 74g carbs

Cook the chips as per the packet instructions. Dust with a little garlic powder and spice if you like first.

If you want to use fresh potatoes. Scrub them to remove any traces of dirt. Chop up into chip shapes, skin and all. Remove any inedible blemishes. Toss in a little oil, salt and pepper and any other flavourings you want to use. Cook in a hot oven for about half an hour until golden and cooked through.

When the chips are nearly done, mix the defrosted peas and flour together. Add a pinch of salt and some fine chopped mint if using. Dried mint would also work here. Add a little water to make a stiff batter. It looks like too little flour to the amount of peas, but once cooked, that is the ratio that tastes good.

Put the oil in a frying pan and heat. Add the pea mixture in 4 dollops and cook gently until firmed up. Flip over and cook the other side until golden.

Serve immediately with the chips. Add tomato ketchup if you have any or a spoon of chutney.

I had mine with a couple of small tomatoes from the garden. They have been in a bowl on the side, gently ripening from green to red. Only a few left now.

If not following meal plan 10,or if you are and have a little flexibility, how about these variations

Spice up your chips or peas with coriander, cumin or garam masala, or a little spoon of curry paste or powder. Have a little mango chutney on the side, or Pataks lovely brinjal one.

Or add some grated lemon rind and a spritz of juice to the batter

Swap the peas out for grated carrot, swede or parsnip, sweetcorn or beetroot. Or any combination of all of them. Put any veg in a little batter and it will make a nice fritter

So I would try carrot, a little fresh or dried ginger and maybe some fine grated orange rind. Or parsnip and cumin; beetroot and mint, and possibly a little grated halloumi; you could use the value mixed chopped frozen veg with a little dollop of mint sauce or pesto in the mix or on top of the cooked fritter

You could make the potato a jacket one and dress it with thick greek yogurt spiced up with tandoori spice, brinjal pickle or anything else you fancy.

Yum, I want another one now!




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