Stilton Quiche with Red Cabbage Coleslaw, 39p

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This flavoursome blue cheese quiche is served twice on the Christmas Meal Plan, along with an unusual coleslaw made with red cabbage and mustard. Strong festive flavours



150g flour, value 45p/1.5kg, 4p
75g Best for Baking, Asda 49p, 15p

100g Stilton, Asda Deli Selection 69p
3 eggs, Asda Smartprice 15 eggs mixed weight/£1.25, 25p
120g parsnips, Asda Chosen By You, frozen, 680g pk/91p, 16p
Quiche cost £1.29

200g red cabbage, 68p/kg, 14p
150g yogort, value plain, 500g/45p, 13p
mustard, Asda English mustard, 25p, 1p
Coleslaw cost 28p

Total cost, £1.57, 39p a serving

First of all, make your pastry. Rub the Best for Baking into the flour until it looks like breadcrumbs. Add a tiny bit of cold water and mix gently with your hand until it binds together. The less water the better. Roll out to fit a 20cm tin and line the tin with the pastry.

Cut the parsnips into small pieces. Mix all the filling ingredients together. You shouldn’t need any salt as there is plenty in the cheese. Pour it all into the pastry case and bake in a moderate oven for 30 minutes.

While that is happening, prepare the coleslaw. Shred the red cabbage as finely as you can and place in a large bowl. Now add mustard to the yogort and taste. Add a tsp at a time. The Asda English mustard is quite mild, so you may need quite a bit. Add s+p if you want it. Mix with the shredded cabbage.

These quantities make enough for 4. If you are following the meal plan, there is plenty of red cabbage if you want more, and 100g of yogort unallocated too.

You may prefer to have the parsnips roasted first, in which case roast them in a medium oven (350F/180C/Gas Mark 4) for 25-30 minutes. Best put them in while something else is cooking for fuel efficiency.

You could use ordinary vegetable oil to make the pastry if you aren’t following the meal plan. We don’t have any oil available on this plan. One litre is currently selling for about £1.25, so 75ml of oil would be 9p, trimming 6p from the cost of the quiche.

Any cheese you have can be substituted for the Stilton, each different cheese contributing its own unique flavour. I would opt for feta, cheddar or brie. Also good would be any other blue cheese you may have left from a cheese board,  a melty cheese like Fontina, or a mix of any of those tiny bits that may be left in the fridge or freezer that aren’t enough to make a recipe with on their own.

Quiche can soak up lots of leftovery type bits. A mix of roasted veg from a Sunday lunch is delish, garlicky roasted onions and carrots spring to mind, with some tiny bits of the roast, crisped up in a pan and stirred into the eggy mix.

Different mustards will also contribute their own flavours. So you could use a grainy one, my preference, a warm, smooth Dijon type, a fiery English type, or something mild.



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