Cost per portionCalories FatProteinCarbsVeg/Vegan
Broad Bean & Feta Wrapbroad bean and feta wrap
Sardine & Tomato Sandwich Paste10p
Tzatziki & Lettuce SandwichTzatziki14pveg/not vegan
Welsh Rarebit
Chestnut Soup - Nigella Lawson
Parsnip Soup, with scone & mince pie - Christmas Meal Plan 201437p
Nearly Meal Plan 8 Soup32p
Pasta Pesto, with Peas and Feta46p
Individual Lunchtime Pieslunchtime pies20pveg/vegan
Lentil & Veg Soup, meal plan 7
Mixed Veg Soup, with Bacon, meal plan 7
Lentil & Veg Salad, with Soy, Meal Plan 824pveg/vegan (omit yogort)
Oaty Fritters, Roast Veg, Chilli & Yogort, Meal Plan 8veg/vegan (omit yogurt)
Hoummous & Grated Carrot Sandwich - No Power Meal Plan15p
Peanut Butter & Coleslaw sandwich - No Power Meal Plan22p
Chilled Radish & Mint Soup
Raw Carrot, Apple & Cashew Soup35p
Sardines on Toast38p
Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup27pveg/vegan
Split Pea Soup13p
Garlicky 'Boursin' sandwich18pveg/not vegan
Bean & Spicy Katjan Sauce Sandwich Pastespicy katjan sauce12p a sandwichveg/vegan
Cheese & Grated Carrot Sandwich - Meal Plan 9
Ham Sandwich - Meal Plan 9
imagePercy pumpkin soup, version 2, without coconut15p
imagePercy Pumpkin Soup, version 1, with coconut33p
sardine sandwich fillerSardine & Bean Sandwich Paste10p a sandwichnot veg/not vegan
Cheese & Ham Toastiecheese and onion toastie18p
lettucelettuce soup
Butternut Squash Hummusbutternut squash19p per 100gveg, vegan, df, gf
Sweetcorn Hummussweetcorn22p per 100gveg, vegan, df, gf
Beef and Sun Dried Tomato Sandwich Pasteimage7p per tblsp, 13p per sandwich43 cals4g fat2g protein0g carbsnot veg/not vegan
Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Sandwich Pasteimage5p per tblsp, 9p per sandwich47 cals4g fat1g protein1g carbsnot veg/not vegan
Sundried Tomato Sandwich paste/toast topper, per 2tblsp portionsundried tomato paste5p48 cals4g fat1g protein2g carbveg/not vegan
Couscous snacky lunchbox bitessnacky couscous bites8p64 cals2g fat3g protein9g carbsveg, vegan
Swede Hummusswede hummus20p per 100g78 cals4g fat2g protein10g carbsveg, vegan, df, gf
Lentil Patelentil pate for a budget breakfast12p/100g81 cals4g fat3g protein8g carbsveg, vegan
Smoked Salmon Sandwich paste/toast topper, per 2 tblsp portionSalmon dip22p88 cals8g fat4g protein2g carbveg/not vegan
Potted Cheesepotted cheese8p a tblsp, 12p a sandwich
nutrition just for the potted cheese
104 cals10g fat4g protein1g carbsveg/not vegan
Parsnip Hummusparsnip hummus17p per 100g103 cals4g fat2g protein16g carbsveg, vegan, df, gf
Pea Hummuspeas19p per 100g103 cals5g fat3g protein2g carbsveg, vegan, df, gf
2 Minute Sun Dried Tomato & Almond SpreadTomato & Almond Patè for a budget recipe25p136 cals10g fat4g protein10g carbsveg, vegan
Broccoli and Lentil Soup20p164 cals2g fat13g protein19g carbsveg/vegan
Spiced Parsnip Soup. Serve with tomato scone or herb bread 17p166 cals9g fat3g protein16g carbsveg/vegan (plant milk)
Butternut Squash, Coconut & Ginger Soupbutternut squash, coconut and ginger soup32p199 cals6g fat7g protein33g carbsveg, vegan, df, gf
Broccoli Pesto in Pitta. Meal Plan 2, Day 325pfrom day 3 of the week 2 meal plan204 cals14g fat4.6g protein13g carbs
5:2 Tom Yum with shredded cabbageTom yum soup43p217cals2g protein14g carbveg/vegan
Carrot & Lentil Soup 20p219 cals8g fat8g protein29g carbsveg/vegan (plant milk)
Spiced Broccoli Soupbroccoli - how to make soup27p223 cals14g fat7g protein21g carbs
Fresh Tomato soup, or using tinned tomatoes10p homegrown, 18p tinned225 cals8g fat9g protein34g carbveg/vegan
Chip Butty. Meal Plan 3, Day 624pfrom day 6 of the week 3 meal plan228 cals4g fat5g protein43g carbsveg/not vegan
Jacket Potato with Basics cheese spread20p, plus the salad236 cals4g fat7g protein43g carbsveg/not vegan
Pea Soup peas16p245 cals12g fat9g protein26g carbsveg/not vegan
A Low Carb Chicken & Veg Soupvariable250 cals19g fat13g carbs
Lentil Soup - Meal Plan 1lentil soup16p271 cals4g fat17g protein42g carbsveg/vegan
Spicy Lentil Souplentil soup16p271 cals4g fat17g protein42g carbsveg/vegan
Salami & Mixed Vegetable Soup with Croutons24p277 cals16g fat5g protein29g carbsnot veg/not vegan
Butter Bean Pate18p284 cals5g fat12g protein48g carbsveg /vegan
Egg Sandwich - week 3 meal plan. I egg, 2 slices bread each18p1 egg & 2 slices bread each286 cals10g fat16g protein33g carbsveg/not vegan
Beetroot Hummusbeetroot for a budget meal37p per 100g289 cals7g fat13g protein49g carbsveg, vegan, df, gf
Olives & Soft Cheese in Pitta. Meal PLan 2, Day 4 28pfrom day 4 of the week 2 meal plan292 cals16g fat6g protein27g carbsveg/not vegan
Cauliflower and chick pea soup with little dumplings40p307 cals9g fat13g protein48g carbsveg/vegan
Chicken Noodle Soup - Meal Plan 820p308 cals15g fat10g protein37g carbsomit chicken stock
Pitta with Carrot, Lemon & Soft Cheese20p319 cals15g fat8g protein40g carbsveg/not vegan
Olive, Soft Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich30p334 cals14g fat8g protein33g carbsveg/not vegan
Lentil Soup (as above) & Croutons. Meal Plan 2, Day 117pfrom day 1 of the week 2 meal plan342 cals8g fat17g protein50g carbsveg/vegan
Beans on Toast, 2 slices toast & half tin beans each11p2 slices toast & half a tin of beans each344 cals2g fat17g protein65g carbsveg/vegan
Fishy Tortilla19p + salady bits346 cals6g fat15g protein55g carbsnot veg/not vegan
Hoummous and grated carrot sandwichHummus & grated carrot sandwich h16p367 cals18g fat10g protein43g carbsveg/vegan
Egg, Lentil, Raisin, Puy & Curry Sandwich29p426 cals12g fat21g protein57g carbsveg/not vegan
Creamy Chicken Livers on ToastChicken livers58p427 cals20g fat34g protein91g carbsnot veg/not vegan
Creamy Leek & Cheese ToastyCreamy leek and cheese toasty48p430 cals19g fat13g protein52g carbsveg/not vegan
lentils chilli and coconut with saladLentils, Chilli & Coconut with Salad - Meal Plan 846p450 cals22g fat18g protein50g carbsveg/vegan
Super simple mixed veg soup, with fresh crusty roll - Christmas Meal Plan 2014mixed veg18p456 cals2g fat16g protein89g carbveg/vegan
Stilton Quiche with Red Cabbage Coleslaw - Christmas Meal Plan 2014stilton39p546 cals36g fat20g protein34g carbveg/not vegan
Stilton Jackets with Clementines & Yogort for pudding - Christmas Meal Plan 2014image73p587 cals31g fat23g protein57g carbsveg/not vegan
Carrot Hoummous, creamy with tahini31p976 cals83g fat14g protein43g carbsveg/vegan omit honey




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I’m a perpetual dieter, and to help with that endeavour, there is now also a Thrifty Lesley dieting group, a lovely, growing community

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Thrifty Lesley has an associated Facebook Group. Do come over and say hello if you haven’t already joined. I’d love to see you!

I’m a perpetual dieter, and to help with that endeavour, there is now also a Thrifty Lesley dieting group, a lovely, growing community.



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