Beetroot burgers, 41p

Jun 3, 2016 | 4 comments


This is a new recipe I tried today, in our ongoing mission to have more purple portions – beetroot burgers. Packed full of veg and all the goodness that implies, and if it is of interest to you, it is vegetarian, vegan if you leave out the egg, and gluten free too (use gf oats).

Beetroot burgers

Serves 4

Priced at Asda
Pack of value cooked beetroot, 300g/90p
Large carrot, no need to peel, 200g, 45p/kg, 9p
Half an onion, 3p
Tsp garlic paste, or a clove, 5p
Half a tin of chickpeas, drained, 49p tin, 25p
Tsp soy sauce, 59p/150ml, 2p
75g oats, 75p/kg, 6p
1 egg, £1.65 medium free range, 14p
Tsp ground cumin 80p/41g, 5p?
Tsp ground coriander 80p/35g, 5p?
Salt and pepper
Veg oil for cooking, 1 tbslp, 2p

Total cost £1.66. 4 portions 41p each
Total nutrition – 857 calories, 30g protein, 28g fat, 124g carbs, 29g fibre
4 portions, each portion – 214 calories, 7g protein, 7g fat, 31g carbs, 15g fibre

Use leftovers for lunch the next day, or freeze

Serves 4. I made 12 small burgers, so 3 each
If feeding littlies, smaller burgers work well as they could have just one. The mixture is easily shaped into whatever size you want to make.

Bung everything in a food processor, except the cooking oil, and whizz it until smoothish.

The result is a thick paste, quite wet.

Hugh says to shape the mixture into 4 burgers. I found that I preferred to make them into 3 smaller burgers per person, so 12 in total. He also used raw beetroot, but I didn’t see why as the recipe cooks them through anyway, plus it’s cheaper to use value cooked

Once you have shaped your burgers, cook them gently for 5 minutes each side.

These were lovely. Mild in flavour, with interesting bits in it giving texture. The mildness means kids should like them, with any luck. They don’t taste too vegetably if you know what I mean. I had mine with some coleslaw and a home made Roti. I think next time, I would add a big dollop of grainy mustard.

Lots and lots of variations spring to mind. Littlies love anything small, so teeny tiny ones might encourage them to eat some. The chickpeas can be swapped out for any other type of cooked bean or lentil, rinse some value baked beans for instance, or use big green/brown lentils, butter beans or soy beans. Stay with the beetroot and use another firm veg to go with it – swede, turnip, sweet potato, ordinary potato, or of course any combination. Or swap the beetroot for another veg and have a completely different flavour.

Use breadcrumbs instead of the oats, or leftover mashed potato, or a bit of instant potato.

Leftovers would be great for packed lunches with a Roti, or a salad, maybe a few puy lentils or green/brown lentils dressed with a sweet miso dressing. You could enjoy them hot or cold in a pitta, wrap or even a sandwich. Any chutney or pickle will add relish.

Use your own beetroot or carrots from the garden if you have any, in which case you will need to peel the beetroot.

I will definitely be playing around with more spices, I couldn’t really taste the ones that were in there very much. I would add more of the cumin and coriander: some turmeric and ginger: some Pataks paste: my favourite Brinjal pickle: garam masala

Edit: I had these cold the next day, in a home made Roti, with a dollop of mayonnaise. They were utterly yummy. Definitely a keeper this one

the image is from Hugh’s book, Light & Easy. My picture was even more rubbish than usual!



  1. Lesley

    Ooh, yum, that’s sounds really good

  2. Mina

    Mmmm looks great! Will have to try them with a dollop of houmous, some avocado (not usually frugal, but you only live once!) and some sweet potato fries.

  3. Lesley

    Ooh, whoops, you’re quite right! I’ll correct that tomorrow!

  4. Helen

    I don’t believe eggs are vegan, Lesley!

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