Lemon Dahl from 18p to 24p depending on if you use value or basmati rice

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The second Dahl recipe for today, a lemony one this time. I really like this with a lovely fresh nan and some cool veg, like shredded lettuce and cucumber

Lemon Dahl

Serves 2
100g red lentils. 20p
One fresh chilli, finely sliced or pinch dried 10p if fresh, 1p if dried
Tsp fresh, fine chopped ginger, Rajah minced ginger £1.28/210g 5g=3p
1 garlic clove, or garlic paste £1.30/210g 5g=3p
0.25tsp turmeric 1p?
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp lemon juice Asda 6 lemons, 49p, half a lemon 4p
100g brown basmati Asda 1kg/£1.68 17p
or value rice 1kg/40p 4p

Peel and crush garlic, or use garlic paste from a jar. Simmer everything together in 250ml water for 15 minutes and you’re done.
Sauté an onion or leek and add that too if you like. Or you could add some fine diced carrot, peas, fine chopped broccoli, anything you like really
If you can get some salady bits from somewhere, they go nicely, or the ever present Nan

Any of the dahls could be used as a side dish with something else. They all freeze brilliantly and reheat well in the microwave, so great for work if you have a microwave there.



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